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Italian Government

The bank of Italy also has resisted in " the later phase, when the crisis a deep recession in all the advanced countries has followed him, hardest in Italy because it came from one decade of stagnation followed as well of one more a recovery slower than in others lugares" , it added. The next president of the BCE expressed the necessity that has Italy to approve economic reforms structural as rapidly as possible and advanced that if the Government does not undertake cuts in other games of cost different from the contemplated ones in its plan of adjustment, it will be necessary to raise the taxes. After three sessions of turbulences, stock-market of Milan lived east Wednesday a day without frights and the premium of risk of the Italian debt became moderate east Wednesday, after Tuesday yesterday marked a new record in the 347 basic points. Fitch describes to Italy as " estable" The agency of measurement of Fitch risk affirmed east Wednesday that the plan of budgetary adjustment and fiscal reform approved by the Italian Government the 30 of June goes by the good way so that Italy can maintain its present high credit qualification of " AA-" , with investment degree. Fitch foretold that " the Italian Government probably will be able to reduce the budgetary deficit since there is planeado" , reason why the agency maintains the perspective " estable" for the qualification of Italy. The agency indicates that their forecasts of growth for the Italian economy in 2011 are of a 0.7%, against 1.1% of the Government, and who, in spite of it, still hopes that the Executive of Silvio Berlusconi reduces the budgetary deficit to 3.9% of the GIP. Source of the news: Berlusconi will put under their plan of adjustment a confidence vote

Power Electronics

Those of Molin go ahead in the series and gaining Sunday they happen to semifinals. Partidazo of Sergio Llull (21 points) rose to its equipment it took and it to the victory. You may want to visit hilton family to increase your knowledge. Bizkaia Bilbao Basket gave the surprise when winning to the Power Electronics in Valencia. The Labor Box prevailed with very many difficulties to Gran Canaria 2014. Real Madrid scored the first party of the quarters of end of the ACB, thanks to Sergio Llull and to the dominion of the white pivots before worthy and pelen Fuenlabrada, to which the encounter to him became very long. Llull returned to be the pillar of the premises. The escort of Mahn (Menorca) had to be the one that secondly broke the shock in a great quarter, at which theirs had arrived underneath thanks to the success of Kus and Valters.

It finalized the party with 21 points and 21 of valuation. The rapidity and the success of two of the gunners visitors, Kus and Valters, and the madridistas doubts at the time of facing the rival hoop, took to those of Fuenlabrada above to be placed seven in first seven minutes (16-23) and nine to one for the end of the first quarter (18-27). Between Valters, eight points, and, mainly, Kus, with 13, sewed in the beginning to the white picture of the shock. Molin realised almost all the possible combinations and it did not find the solution, whereas the rival bench, Maldonado seemed to guess right in each change that realised, although the premises obtained that the fuenlabreos exhausted their two last possessions in the first quarter to arrive 20-27 at the tenth minute.

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