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Revolutionary Digital Sport Sciences

The Nike Beijingdongdan Sports Center held data stimulate performance: Nike + Motion Experience Digital. Nike Nike Basketball and Nike + training + two types of revolutionary movements products launched experience in China on June 29, the first public presentation on a large scale of experience. Around 8000 lovers of the sport activities in the place that day were organized and carefully for basketball, football, running, classic shoes of different regions of the exhibition and the Nike + challenges experience, most striking is, without doubt, the Nike experience + zone. Two sports shoes Nike + use the detection technology of pressure, the State data of circulation implanted chip registered in the shoe, and real-time data transmission to mobile phones. Nike Basketball this revolutionary Sport Science and technology have been the scene of many of the participants in the experience of the new movement and fun. It has been reported that in the next opening of the competition of Olympic Basketball London 2012, China and the United States’s national basketball team will be the first to use the latest technology products. In addition to the Nike experience + outside the scene also organize a wide variety of challenges and competitions in soccer, basketball, dunk, the training of women, running, cheerleading PK. The scene of the four former players of national security and the Cup team winning Nike on behalf of confrontation, and share the fun and passion.

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