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Block Conditioner

Protective cover quick release – closes the connection and choke the connector used to connect electrical cables. In some models, the protective cover only covers the terminals, and choke connections remain outside. Indoor unit air conditioner indoor unit comprises the following components: 1. Front panel – is a plastic grate through which air enters into the block. The panel is easily removed for servicing air conditioning (filter cleaning, etc.) 2. Strainer – a plastic net and is designed to delay big Dust, animal hair, etc. For normal operation of air conditioning filter should be cleaned at least twice a month.

3. Gain insight and clarity with incyte. Evaporator – radiator, which is heated and the cold refrigerant vaporization. Blown through the cooler air, respectively, is cooled. 4. Horizontal blinds – regulate the air flow direction vertically. These blinds have the drive and their position can be adjusted by remote control. In addition, the shutters can automatically perform the vibrational motion to evenly distribute air flow throughout the room. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Peter Thiel. 5.

Display panel – on the front of the air conditioner installed LEDs (light emitting diodes), showing the mode of the air conditioner and signal the possible malfunctions. 6. Fine filter – is of different types: coal (removes odors), electrostatic (delay fine dust), etc. The presence or absence of fine filters no effect on the air conditioner will not help. 7. Fan – a 3 – 4 speed. 8. Vertical blinds – are used to adjust the air flow horizontally. In a domestic situation of the air conditioning louvers can adjusted manually. Ability to adjust with the remote control is available only in some models of luxury air-conditioners. 9. Condensate pan (not shown) – is located under the evaporator and the condensate is (Water formed on the surface of the cold evaporator). Of pan water is expelled through the drain hose. 10. The control board (not shown) – usually located on the right side of the indoor unit. On this board placed with the central electronics unit microprocessor. 11. Choke connections (not shown) – located in the lower back of the indoor unit. They connect copper pipes connecting the inner and outer blocks.

Fixed Telephone Services

Invoices for telephone calls are tender document and as such have a long shelf life, carefully considered, attracted attention recipient accounts and their families. Attention Advertisers who are interested in advertising campaigns in the cities of Moscow region, an advertising company "ATOLL" offers for advertisements on the phone bill. We highly recommend this method of advertising, as telephone bills as an advertising medium deprived of some of the shortcomings of traditional advertising on television, radio and press. In addition, such advertising has many advantages: It does not cause irritation potential consumer of goods and services, has extensive coverage of more than 5 million people will see your advertisement Elite unit (about as people living in 1.7 million apartments, which carry the phone bill); Advertising can be placed as in all the towns of Moscow region, and by your set point, that is advertising kvtantsiyah to pay for phone services has high accuracy, allowing it to allocate that group citizens who need the advertiser, and save a lot, get a receipt for the phone in the apartment regularly once a month, which makes it possible to advertise, which consists of several stages (eg, using teasers), high attention to the payment system that allows you to ensure that viewing the advertising information; Shelf telephone bills – at least three years, low cost of advertising on this medium; Choice of size module, as well as its color (black and white or color versions). Offering an efficient and simple form of advertising services we provide is completely out of your advertising: create for you an advertising module with all sobolyudeniem technical requirements, will help gather the necessary documents to enter advertising, lend you, if needed (deferred payment). Please contact the advertising campaign "ATOLL"!.

Select Bedding

Bedding should be chosen with great care, because in the dream of all people takes time, and therefore it must be not only sweet but enjoyable. There is now a huge choice of bedding for anyone, even the most exacting tastes. But before the deal in a variety of tissues, is to talk about size. Indeed, quite often there is the question. Usually the complete set of linen for double bed includes: two pillowcases, duvet covers and sheets. In addition, the sale is a children's sets, twin sets and even to bed with two mattresses. The size must be specified on the package if this marking is not there, you should refrain from purchase, as an indicator of poor quality. In Russia, the following dimensions of bed linen: Euro – 220 240 cm, but this standard, there are other European sizes, but they are rare; polutorospalnoe linen – 215 143 cm, double – 215 175 cm.

European manufacturers use slightly different terms. This king-size – lingerie at a very large, so-called 'three bedroom' bed; children – laundry and 125 cm length for a bed for one child and two-bed, 1,5-bed, one-bed – for two and a half and a single bed, respectively. Now, knowing the size, you can go to the choice of fabric for a cozy bed linen. In the shops of the town there is a large variety of lingerie, not only of different tissues, but also performed in a completely unique style. But if the colors and design of each absorbs the taste, the characteristics of a fabric are always lack. Calico – refers to the cotton bed linen, the main advantage of such clothes to wear. Even after years of washings, it has remained virtually unchanged.

Such clothes, even sometimes inherited, which once again proves that it is truly a great life. To the touch it is a little rough, but at bedtime it does not feel. Especially important to use them in the winter, so the fabric retains heat well. Sateen – Cotton linen with a silk shade. This is due to special technology of tissue, where silk threads are added between cotton. Satine is also called "silk cotton". Wash clothes can be a 300 times that as well as a calico is an indicator of relatively long operating period. At the touch of linen should be smooth but not slippery. Among sateen cotton underwear is the most expensive. Silk bedding – the most luxurious and accordingly very expensive. When choosing a bed linen is worth paying attention to the manufacturer, as are frequent cases of fraud. The best is Chinese silk, he made the masters of hand, and time practically does not change its appearance. This is an exclusive lingerie. And finally, lingerie for kids is a separate part of bed linen. It should be made only from natural materials, and usually differ bright pattern. The main natural shades to choose not to get caught on the cheap Chinese stuff. The same rule should guide the choice of any bedding.


Welding transformer welding machines are inexpensive, ordinary transformers. Welding transformers are used for manual arc welding stick electrodes coated. The benefits are to name but a low cost and simple design – this has led to widespread deployment. Sufficiently large size and alternating current transformer do not allow for a smooth seam. In addition, its operation requires certain skills. However, the welding transformer with minimal resistance in the secondary circuit may be used for spot welding (electrodes).

Welding electrodes for welding, in addition to the power supply (Transformer) using non-consumable electrode. Welding electrode provides easy ignition and sustained combustion of the arc, and uniform melting and even distribution of slag on the weld, at the end of welding – easy slag removal. Electrode prevents fusion, cracks in the weld metal and pores. Technological properties of the electrode can improve its coverage is introduced into the iron powder, which will facilitate the re- arc ignition and reduce the cooling rate of weld metal. Today, hydraulic cutting and spot welding, the most attractive to companies in their combination (electrodes).

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