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Et3 A Transportation Clean And Fast

The future of transport which, literally, represents the space travel on Earth will be transformed by ET3 (Evacuated Tube Transport Technology). This is definitely a new mode of clean, green transportation, fast, comfortable, safe, fast, and affordable. It is believed that these tubes of capsules will allow carrying out a transport either passengers or cargo from New York to Beijing in just 2 hours, which will be clearly a benefit to entrepreneurs, traders, exchange of product and for the planet since this technology has the advantage of not emit high levels of greenhouse gases. The system operates on capsules, each one of them is made of a lightweight material, which makes that only despite 180 kgs, which translates into Rails very cheap since they need to withstand less weight. In each capsule can travel up to 6 people, with a combined maximum weight of 367 kg. In total, implementing this system is 90% cheaper to make a track for high-speed trains and 75% cheaper to build a Highway.

The capsules are the size of 1.5 m (5) passenger cars in diameter and are located in magnetic levitation without friction tubes. The air is permanently extracted from tubes on two tracks that are built along a travel route. The air pockets in the stations allow transfer of capsules without admitting air. Linear electric motors accelerate capsules, which then carry them through the void for a trip without using additional energy. Most of the energy is regenerated so capsules can reduce the speed. The ET3 can offer 50 times more transport per kWh against electric cars or trains of these same characteristics.

They will initially build lines for interstate trips within the United States, and movements will have 600 km/h speed seek maximum, in a second stage to evolve the system up to international travel with a maximum speed of 6500 km/h, which would allow New York reaching Beijing in just two hours. This is one of the ideas that are intended to implement in terms of transportation to solve the problems caused by climate change, they also include the Eco-dirigibles and Superyate Exuma, which are innovative projects that protect the environment since its fuel consumption is minimal or use alternative energies. Main benefits of the ET3: quick * may go from NY to the in only 45 minutes. ** Estimated that a trip between Washington and Beijing can be made in approximately 2 hours. ** The capsules will travel at a speed of 350 mph at the local level and at 400 mph at the international level. CONVENIENT * trips are continuously, nonstop, without ratrasos. EFFICIENCY * low use of energy which are available. * Low consumption of resources and materials for Assembly and maintenance. ** The speed of 300 mph in addition to be possible for human beings is ideal for saving energy. CLEANING * is an ultra quiet transport mechanism. ** It is beneficial for the care and protection of the environment. * Works with some completely and alternative sustainable energy sources. SECURITY * in its design and conception there is no risk of collision between the capsules of passengers or cargo. * Protects from the weather and the climate changes. It is a possible IDEA * all the necessary equipment to build ET3 exists at the moment, especially the parts of the platform * the technologies involved are all individual and commercial use.

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