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You can also make for a more detailed comments in the code, so as not to forget the essence of cobwebs. Monitors and spy- class of programs that will show all that your prog muddies the registry and files. It is no secret that after the program is registered (or unregistered), registration information must be stored somewhere, after all is not well registered under the new program is run again to require entering the serial number! Registration information is stored in files or in the registry. Monitors and spyware can log all events in the action with the files, and written not just a file address, and type of operation (read, write) used by the API-function and work with the registry. Obtained kilometer listings can easily be reduced by using special filters, so do not do one and the same mistakes, like many beginners. Registration data may be stored directly in your program, it is better to use different "secluded" places like the various subfolders directory windows, giving the name of the file some harmless System, System32, SystemConfig Well, in general you will understand.

It is desirable to encrypt the data to a file, there was no such: Registry = True. If the defense is using the system registry, it is better to create a branch of a neutral name. In no If you can not store data on the register in one place, such places should be several, as in the registry or just the files. The registration key can be collected from his "pieces" that lie in different files.

Computer Settings

Often, once installed on your computer certain applications, their Russification, updates, etc., in certain windows of these applications, as well as in the windows of the operating system incorrectly displayed fonts. As a rule, it is not affects the stability of the computer, but it creates a lot of inconvenience to users, because in the windows instead of letters displayed characters, boxes, figures and other strange characters named. Often work in a computer is simply impossible. A significant proportion of users solve the problem radically – to reinstall Windows or have a computer in the studio. Although it is often out of the situation can get much easier. Of course, the proposed method is not a panacea, but in most cases it solves the problem. For starters, make sure the correct settings locale: (items in brackets are sometimes absent) – go into Control Panel – click on "Start" – ("Settings") – "Control Panel".

There are passing in ("Date, Time, Language and Regional Options") – "Regional and Language Options", open the corresponding window (see Fig. below) – in the tab "Regional Options": under "Standards and Formats" pointing "Russian", in the section "Location" – your country – on the tab "Languages": in the section "Languages and text service," press button More Info. Open the corresponding window. Make sure that the tab "Settings" under "Installed Services" Russian language corresponds to the Russian keyboard (see Fig. At the bottom), and click "OK" – on the Advanced tab: in the "language programs for non-Unicode" put "Russian" (see fig. below). Push the button "Apply" then "OK".

If your computer has the above settings have been completed or after their implementation problems display fonts not disappeared, it is necessary to make some changes to the registry. Attention! The system registry is a very important element of the operating system. Therefore: 1. In addition to these options do they have more do not change if you are unsure about their actions! 2. Before embarking on further action be sure to back up your registry! It can be used to restore the system registry in If you have any problems after the change. To create a copy of the registry run 'Registry Editor', which in the Start menu choose the item 'Run'. In the lower left corner of the screen displays "Starting program. Enter a word in it in regedit and click ok. In Registry Editor, in the 'File' menu choose 'Export'. In the window 'Export Registry File' indicates the storage location, file name, a copy of the registry under 'Range Registry '(bottom) tick' entire roster ', click' Save 'button. To solve the problem with displaying fonts in Windows xp to change the parameters of the "1250" and "1252", which are in the registry branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlNlsCodePage, with c_1250.nls to c_1251.nls and c_1252.nls to c_1251.nls respectively. How to do this is available here – / font.html.

World Of Warcraft – Cataclysm – A New Addition

Most of us have probably already heard about such a sensational game like World of Warcraft. Online game created by Blizzard Entertainment in 2004, and to this day leaves behind all its competitors in online games. Not so long ago, Blizzard announced the third add World of Warcraft – Cataclysm, which would further consolidate its position in the online gaming market. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out foursquare. And so, I suggest to you a little overview of the upcoming add-on, guided by official sources: Updating maps of Azeroth – The disaster caused Smertokrylom (Deathwing) and Queen Azshara (Queen Azshara), change the world of Azeroth. After the upgrade in the development of character will have more plot sense. Some zones and dungeons will be greatly changed. Steppe (The Barrens) will be divided into two zones for different levels Azshara (Azshara) becomes low level (10-20) zone Some areas, such as Thousand Needles (Thousand Needles), will be flooded Durotar (Durotar) will be destroyed, and, obviously, Orgrimmar (Orgrimmar) suffer the same fate . gradually recover Gnomeregan (Gnomeregan) turn to the restored capital of the dwarves (not yet confirmed) Wailing Caverns (Wailing Caverns) become dense tropical zone as a result of Magic Druids The new version of the Black Mountains (Blackrock Mountains) will be available along with the returning Ragnaros (Ragnaros) level characters – does not increase by 10 and 5 points, in contrast to previous Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King. If you have read about Dr. Paul Craig Roberts already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

However, promises a long and complicated charging that the player would feel about what he really what it achieves. New Classes – The Cataclysm is not new classes. Instead, Blizzard will give players a new combination of races and classes. Man the Hunter (Human Hunter) Orc Mage (Orc Mage) Night Elf Mage (Night Elf Mage) Dwarf Mage (Dwarf Mage) Blood Elf Warrior (Blood Elf Warrior) Dwarf Shaman (Dwarf Shaman) Undead Hunter (Undead Hunter) Paladin Tauren (Tauren Paladin) Night Elf Priest (Tauren Priest) Dwarf Priest (Gnome Priest) Druid Troll (Troll Druid) New race – the Horde will Goblins (Goblins), and the Alliance – Worgen (Worgen), although they are, by definition, exist on the side Horde, Blizzard decided to change our ideas about the forces of light and darkness. New zone – will open previously inaccessible. Hyjal (Hyjal) Gilneass (Gilneas) – starting zone Worgen Uldum (Uldum) Flying in Azeroth – a welcome innovation of the East Realms (Eastern Kingdoms), and Kalimdor (Kalimdor) – the opportunity to fly on two continents! As hiking, especially in Kalimdor, just exhaust the players. Just added a new profession – Archaeology and the brink of changes in the device Guilds. As after all the previous updates, economics game is reoriented to new products. Advise you in advance bye wow Gold, so ahead of its competitors on pumping jobs.


This is the most important, in my opinion changes. As you can see nothing special. Now let's talk about innovations in Photoshop Cs3. 1.Udobny interface self-adjusting panels, sets the working environment, in short, everything is set to as little clutter the workspace. 2.Eksport high resolution images in a format Zoommify, lets put them on the Internet without changing the resolution. 3. Annex Adobe Bridge.

Interface is more beautiful settings such as shutter speed, aperture, iso presented in a separate window. In slideshow mode, you can select various transition effects and fast scale image. 4. Peter Thiel does not necessarily agree. Smart Filters are designed to protect the image from accidents. Their application does not make any changes to the original image. 5. Convert images to black and white, Black & White.

You can mix six color channels, but here you can set rendering. Operates on a rgb. 6.Dopolnitelnye possible tool for the curves on the background of the working field now displays a histogram. You can display the brightest and darkest point, there is a set of predefined presets. 7. Added new palette Animation (Animation), Clone Source (Source cloning) can now move pixels from one open document to another. 8. A new tool, quick release. Operates in real time, ie until you run the cursor on the area you selected. 9. Refine Edge feature allows you to quickly and accurately modify the boundary of separation, using parameters such as compression, feathering, anti-aliasing. 10. Create panoramic images from several, with different size and exposure. 11. Additional features of three-dimensional images. Working with video objects. 12. Improved printing. All printing options, including previews, configured in the modified menu, Print., implying that some perspective. As you can see not to say that Cs3, something revolutionary. Innovations are mainly evolutionary nature, improved interface and automation of processing. I myself am not a supporter of the constant updating of programs. Just recently I switched to Cs3, all the same, he quickly, and before that worked in PhotoshopCs and all I suit. In this version, you could do with photographs, nearly all the same thing as the last version. And Adobe, continues to scoff, I really have not seen, but already out Cs4.


Hello, dear readers! In the article it will, of course, not a physical phenomenon, but about the game with the same name. You may wish to learn more. If so, Peter Thiel is the place to go. Singularity. You throw on the Soviet island, where previously settled Research Center 'Katorga-12'. Round temporary faults due to a powerful explosion of this singularity. Wandering through the dark corridors, we often encounter the weave in 1955 with the 2010th. Eternal ghost soldiers, scientists and mutants. I like The very first mission, give shoot, make some noise, take a walk over the years.

The plot is twisted even very tastefully, each mission – something new, this fantasy so close to reality, there is a feeling that many Russian concealed. The very first mission, stumbled on a monument to Joseph Stalin, opens its first break. It turned out, we walked around the fires. In this mission, we are saving the Russian military – Nicholas Demicheva, which by some miracle of salvation after becoming dictator of the ussr, and is not a monument to Stalin, but he built. Further, Nicholas announced for Renko (the protagonist) hunting. Me as a fan of shooters with a futuristic filling struck a fact – a mission to rescue a scientist Barisova who invented the singularity. Demichev, it is clear that something is not liked, he needed an mvp – a device for time travel and bring the singularity in the action. Demichev aim at Barisova, there appears Renko, kicks the door slows down time, and Renko shoots from the pump action shotgun Demicheva Well, from the 1955 Pump Shotgun? While everything is possible.

Snatcher Gear

Tell you immediately, there will be a speech about Metal Gear Solid: Rising. Stay with us and you'll find other details on this game. Hideo Kojima, answering questions from journalists at E3 2010, has once again assured that he is the development of Metal Gear Solid: Rising is not engaged. Here from experts in the field like Peter Thiel for a more varied view. He is , , . Makes Metal Gear Solid: Rising younger team Kojima Productions, headed by Minesi Kimura, who participated in the creation of all games in the series of mgs, but before that he held only the position of the artist. Metal Gear Solid: Rising – his debut project. What, then, deals with Hideo Kojima? Just the other week, went on sale on the western version of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, so that the Japanese are now completely free, apart from the technological demos MGS3: Snake Eater for 3DS. His break, however, will last a maximum of several months.

And then then at tgs 2010 he announced his next project. However, the Japanese decided to spend some more time for debugging and polishing the demo version of its next project, so the announcement date decided to move in September. Most likely, this is the PS3 exclusive will be a fifth of Metal Gear Solid. Why? Very symbolic! However, some believe in miracles people believe that the announcement would be associated with Zone of the Enders 3. Yes, only Kojima-san is not so long ago said that the development ZoE3 has been suspended indefinitely. In short, if this secret game is not a remake of Snatcher, then Metal Gear Solid 5 will be announced in September. Stored patience and wait.

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