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Surely, you do not just thought about how deceptively time. It rushes at a gallop, it is simply intolerable costs on the spot. Remember how want to go home after a long day, and how slowly pulled minutes before its completion. A when it's long-awaited weekend, and do not have time to blink an eye – they've flown. The days are replaced by night, week after week, year after year And now, a few days ago, friends invited you to the 8 th wedding anniversary. "Oh, wow, how rushing the time! "- think you are. And then start to think It seems that, recently, went along with the wedding cortege of significant places, loudly shouting "Kiss!" Newlyweds The bride was beautiful, and your best friend – very naughty boy – led by the hand touching his princess and her eyes shone with both happiness and love. It took as much as 8-NIL years, but they have not changed! Those loving eyes, the same gentle touch.

Although, maybe that's the changed? Become more carefully to each other include, or what? Their family has matured as much as 8-NIL years. Pleasant memories – behind. And now the thought – one question: "What to give for the eighth wedding anniversary?" Browse journals you know that this wedding is called "Tin". Not exactly a magic name for such an event. But, once Tin – hence tin! According to tradition to give something of tin. But here's the mind for some reason, nothing good comes Turn imagination! It is not necessary to pay attention to what is written in the journals: if his wife had lived 8-NIL years already "pretty sipped life" became "harder to treat each other and, in general," love has become a habit.

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