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If you’ve never created a web site before, one of the forms quicker and easier is through a CMS like WordPress. WordPress is a free software that allows us to create, maintain, manage and update a web site through simple management interface, without any programming or design knowledge. WordPress offers five key benefits: quick and easy installation. To install it you need to have previously a web hosting. Currently many hosting servers have integrated CPanelX with an option called Fantastico de Luxe that allows you to install WordPress in an automatic way.

But we ourselves through a few simple steps can also install WordPress on our server where we have hosted our domain. Templates or themes. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Kaiser Family Foundation. WordPress through their templates enables us to customize the layout of our web site. It offers more than 1000 templates as templates free and paid with excellent additional features also exist. You can install templates, in a few few clicks on your web site through your administration panel. Web functionality.

Just as with the themes WordPress allows you to add new features to your web site. This is possible through your plugins or additional applications. WordPress has some 8,000 plugins that allow you to do anything. You can install the plugins automatically from your board or management desktop. It is also possible to manually upload a plugin that interests you. Open source. WordPress has built in PHP, and its source code is visible for everyone who wants to see it. Besides that, WordPress has included extensive documentation and a series of features to help developers work in the WordPress Codex. Any person with a minimal knowledge of PHP can set themes and Plugins. Automatic update. WordPress includes a feature that notifies you if there are updates available for plugins and WordPress basic operating system you have installed. And most of times is only necessary to click in a link to automatically install updates and upgrades. In our current WordPress blog you will find video tutorials for WordPress to get started from scratch in the creation of web sites. As articles, resources and free templates for WordPress.

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