That's even if the Customer suffers or operating organization with leaking. Prove the fact of marriage in the production of waterproofing work underground part of a couple of years is almost impossible because there is no access for the inspection of waterproofing. Bring to repair sub-contractor is also problematic. In response to hear: "Guys! We will have passed waterproofing on the act, and you hurt her (which, incidentally, also happen)! Here and fix yourself! ". In the arbitration to go, too, there is nothing, because the customer (the contractor) of the respective acts of violation committed by a subcontractor under Waterproofing operations there. Already there are instances when purchasing parking in the underground parking buyer poses a drip leak, wet-paint the rusty foreign-made car, which a year later again covered red spots. Further, in the course are the statements, they say, put doroguschy "swallow", and it has rotted from the water dripping, everybody saw it. Compensate! And such cases in the courts are won! Because the waterproofing is the hidden works control the quality of work and fix the violation is possible only at the stage of execution of works, because then waterproofing carpet is covered with a protective structures or littered ground.

Still have know what and how to control. And when you commit the violation, you must specify how the requirement of a snip broken, why should first study the relevant regulatory framework. Thus, technical oversight of waterproofing work may be done by trained personnel with appropriate knowledge and has at its disposal the necessary equipment. Our engineers provide technical support for waterproofing work at many sites in Moscow. The result of lessons learned was the development of relevant regulations with provisions for various stages testing of waterproofing works:-check the documentation on the waterproofing and support materials;-checking the appearance of the waterproofing and support materials;-checked that the set waterproofing material factory production;-testing equipment contractor;-checking the mating surfaces of the insulated and structures;-verification technology waterproofing work;-test quality waterproofing work, the order of selection and storage of samples of waterproofing;-checking the storage conditions of waterproofing materials.

Important not to nit-picker to contractors, and require the correct execution All major and related process steps. Brad Pitt has plenty of information regarding this issue. Including operated by other contractors of construction works. Such as the preparation of the surface structure of pit enclosure in the subsequent construction the pressure wall, the unit slip plane in the presence of bias stress in the area of waterproofing, concrete reinforcement training under the foundation slab for the perception of boundary efforts and much more. Before begin the next stage, contractors should be aware of what and how you will be checked.

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