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Its convergence is in disponibilizao of materials to be had access to quaquer moment, chat enters pupils together with tutor, frum of quarrel, research of opinion, glossaries, work with revision, Wiki (colaborativos documents in hipertexto), Scorm (content that can be compact in a transference archive), questionnaires, evaluation of the course (BELLONI, 1999). Another system of learning management (LMS) is the ITutor developed for the Kontis s.r.o. A platform e-learning developed especially for learning, sharing of knowledge and contribution. Thanks to its unified architecture, with a central infrastructure and database of integral security, it is a solution that allows it to all organize and to manage the learning process, including study in courses online, synchronous learning in virtual lessons and management of the traditional learning in classrooms. All these functionalities had been inserted in a unified graphical environment that allows to share the knowledge all and to include medias, management, planning and classification. The modular architecture allows the gradual integration of the functionalities (BELLONI, 1999). Figure 3 ITutor platform.

Its license must be acquired, currently, is a tool that more offers ficcionalidades since systems until support for videoconferncia. (KONTIS. Available in:. Acessado> in: 24 sets 2010). Another known independent project as the Wikiversidade, of English origin of the Wikipedia. It is a free form stops university education mediated by web, a great community of research. An exception on the Wikipdia as and kept for the world-wide community, is questionable sources (WALLES, 2006). The AdaptWeb Environment, developed for a project of research in the Institute of Computer science of the UFRGS and in the Department of Computation of the UEL, is come back toward the authorship and adaptativa presentation of you discipline in the distance integrant of courses of Education – EAD in the Web. The objective of this environment is to allow to the adequacy of tactics and forms of presentation of contents for pupils of different courses of graduation and with distinct styles of learning, making possible diverse forms of presentation of each content, adequate form to each course and to the individual preferences of the participant pupils.

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