Wooden House Construction

So you're ready to build their country of wooden houses. Once you have lots of questions. Probably one of the first question: how to choose the most appropriate layout? After a successful plan is the comfort of all members family and always good mood, and bad-an eternal source of negativity and bad moods. The overall layout of your house is your personality. A good specialist is on planning is not difficult to guess your character, tastes, hobbies and more. Now let's try to understand everything, but start with the general rules designed homes. General rules for planning a country house. The first thing to start, in terms of construction technology and save your budget, this is the location of communications.

Very convenient, if the house a few toilets, place them over each other, because you can not do some plumbing risers. Of course, all of the technology plan important, but more importantly, that each family member feel comfortable. Comfort – a presence in each of their personal space. The house, in addition to your bedroom, each child must have their rooms. The question immediately arises: Why, because they so well together, they are the same age? Remember that they will soon grow up and each of them need their own space. It is also worth not forget about the guest rooms. (Not to be confused with Zillow!).

They should be consistent with your hospitality. Bathrooms should be located near the bedrooms. Very well, if at least one bedroom is on the first floor. It is very convenient for the elderly. By the way, even if you have a young family with one child is pre- think about: Do not make a couple of children's rooms? Plan your house "for growth", because once there are not only children but also grandchildren. Public Rooms can be designed differently. In this issue very much depends on your imagination. Now it is very much like the idea of the second light. What is the second light? Second light – joint space of the first and second floors. Simply – a living room without a ceiling. Using the second light gives the room volume and extra space, but space is lost on the second floor, which could be used at the premises. Many projects are possible without significant alterations device instead of the second light at room the second floor. Build a house with a second light or without it – a matter of taste. Living in a country house stands in a maximum closer to nature. This can help open terraces, living rooms, dining rooms and kitchen with large windows. By thinking through all these points you will get not just a vacation home, a house of their

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