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Increasingly the Internet – portals support payment for their services through electronic currency WebMoney. Its popularity is entirely justified, because the combination of reliability, quality support services, favorable rates of exchange at other currencies elevate WebMoney to top e-commerce. Let us dwell on the topic of exchange rates. Exchange WebMoney to other electronic money is carried out through numerous Internet – exchangers, which in Today in the network or a dozen. Of course, there are certain ranges of courses, which control the rates of exchange. However, by monitoring the heat exchangers can be precisely to the penny (or pennies) to calculate the entire path of your funds. Choosing the best course, feel free to send money to the purse of another system, but remember some of the nuances.

Firstly, to date, WebMoney can only be changed by those currencies with which there is Binding purses Many found this feature for the inconvenience, but everything is done only for the security of your account. To deepen your understanding Movie Star is the source. Second, sending and receiving sides must be one and the same person. Here may also occur contradictions. However, those who lost their money because of hackers and scammers know that at this point there should be no objection. Third, the sender and recipient must be identified. It is obvious that those who transfers its assets and those who receive them, are certain stages of identification.

Otherwise, further operations are impossible. Following these uncomplicated rules, you can easily make the exchange WebMoney to other currencies The World Wide Web. Again, remember that it is extremely useful here will be monitoring heat exchangers. After studying all the courses on a particular currency, you can find really the favorable tariff, which will satisfy all your requests. Exchange WebMoney to any other currency can be done with some restrictions. For example, prohibited the automatic exchange WebMoney to LiqPay in connection with the complexities of security issues of translation. In this case it is necessary to contact operator and to exchange manually. In addition, a similar situation arises when you try to transfer the purse Yandex. Owners WebMoney commented as follows: "According to our data, or Google search does not ensure proper identification of the owner of funds that can contribute to illegal or questionable transactions. " In other cases, the exchange WebMoney to other electronic currencies is done without difficulty. So, summing up, briefly define the rules for exchanging WebMoney to other currencies: 1) Sign and tie all their wallets for the convenience and speed of transfer between them. 2) Before exchanging WebMoney into another currency to determine the most favorable rate with recipient of funds – the same person. If the identification of both the smallest differences are found, the system will simply block your metabolism. And remember that with any exchange WebMoney system, the services you have requested, will its a small, but significant percentage of the transaction. Use only proven exchangers, in order to avoid the scammers and crooks.

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