Yuri Seleznev

Its thickness is on the roof of the cage or kennel should be no more than 20 cm in winter, side and rear walls of the enclosure may be closed by snow, but the occurrence of positive daytime temperatures should be immediately clear space around the enclosure at width of 70 cm and removed from the roof, even the 10-15-cm snow cover. First to market production of dog kennels for individual projects have begun to engage the master of 'Utah'. In the five years of existence in 'Utah' appeared only a few competing firms. Above all, this workshop kennel 'Amanauz' and web portal ForDog. Term of manufacturing standard booth 0.5 x 1 m cage and 2 x 3 m – from two days to a week. Another two – five hours and will build installation of dog houses on the site owner. Copyright sketch dog houses made from three weeks to six weeks.

"On average we do about 15 a month booths, usually along with aviary, – says Yuri Seleznev .– If talk about individual projects, about half of the orders have to log on. In practice, this small architectural form, not a dog kennel. Dog houses are made of logs on the same technology as normal houses. On the terraces, windows, mansard roofs. Every second customer asks whether you want to spend in the booth light. Why is he a dog? " Forged or gilded cages rather appreciate a visit, and not a dog kennel Sometimes copyright project is a master's house in miniature. It is not uncommon in the suburbs gilded cages of the lattice, decorated with family coat of arms. Forged or manually, with monogram.

The most unusual request of the company – home of the Greek style, which was hidden inside a kennel. The house was built round, with a marble base and columns, round windows and entrance. The roof turned out shestnadtsatiskatnoy, with dormer windows, of course, glass. Lives in Greek house labrador very famous owner. Almost every customer asks to decorate the booth sign with the name of the dog. Sometimes, it lists all the medals and awards from exhibitions. At the booth of one particularly outstanding dog Wizard burned her family tree. It is common for a dog kennel customized wooden ornaments and carvings. Booth, upholstered lining, no more than the standard version. Accordingly, the value dog shelter on the author's sketches of an average of $ 8 thousand in that time as a standard kennel with aviary costs from $ 500 to $ 2 thousand How to make an enclosure for the dog with his own hands.

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