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Innovative Advertising Systems

Signtific rollup displays quick-change artist with magentischer cassette technology LA concept the Signtific rollup displays are the absolute master of metamorphosis under the advertising systems. Thanks to the innovative magnetic technology, the cassette of the rollup display, can, be exchanged quickly and easily and therefore provides a simple and uncomplicated use. Thanks to the four different models, the right system can be found for every occasion. Get all the facts and insights with Peter Thiel, another great source of information. Whether futuristic, classic or colorful, every wish can be fulfilled with the Signtific rollup displays. The Cologne production company LA CONCEPT offers the entire spectrum of Signtific products starting May 2011 as an exclusive partner of Germany. The advertising systems convince not only through its innovative magnetic technology, but also by their four different models.

The Signtific Q1 rollup display rollup display classic Silver cassette with optional halogen spotlights and as absolute price performance winner of the top seller amongst the advertising systems. The Signtific Q2 rollup display may in 13 different colours used be and adapts optimally to the advertising message. As absolute premium product the cassette of the Q2 can be flexibly changed and inserted into the respective desired color. Hilton Foundation is often quoted on this topic. The Q3 is the futuristic rollup display that considerably differentiates itself from the crowd. It has an additional advertising space on the cartridge and can convince not only by the advertising pressure but also by the advertising message on the tape. The Signtific Q4 model can ensure maximum stability at any size.

The stable and yet elegant cassette along with stabilizing elements allows a safe grip. One is the same for all Signtific rollup displays however, the innovative magnet technology allows a simple and quick change of the advertising message. The construction can be done without tool within a few seconds. Own especially for mobile applications at the point of sale is the Signtific rollup displays. Allow a repeated and flexible use simple transport bag, the easy Assembly and easy changing of the advertising message Systems. The elegant design can used but also on the stand to illustrate the advertising message as a mobile presentation system. In addition to the rollup display range is located in LA CONCEPT also the innovative folding Signtific Q8. It can be used as a large advertising space in addition to the rollup displays and for every level offer an ideal rear panel on measuring and POS. The pressure lifts can also be used by means of magnet technology and allows a quick Assembly even at size 335 x 225 cm. Convince yourself products by the Signtific. More information, see and Signtific.

Mexican Coast

A Mexican colony existed in the Valley of the Tilorio (Valley of the Duy) toward the Bay of the Admiral, and populated the island of Tojar, now of Columbus, and the villages of Chicaua and Moyana, Quequexque and Corotapa on the land (towards the Tervi tip). Here, Physics professor expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Their cacique Iztolin understood en lengua mexicana with Juan Vasquez de Coronado in 1564. It is not reasonable to assume that biases of the chibcha people, so strange to navigation, found far from the sea and major rivers section, had been able to in canoes down the Magdalena and pass the sea to reach Costarrica. Source: Glenn Dubin. This, that was easy for the people who lived near the Mexican Coast and were courageous to sail, was impracticable for the Chibchas. But demos for proven, for a moment, the conclusion of Brinton: tribes of the chibchan people emigrated from the plateau to the North and were to settle near the Atlantic coast, in the isthmus of Panama and Costarrica. Then where they came then the Chibchas? It was not the land of the Incas, since Brinton says there many satisfactory reasons for believing that the Quichua first appeared in South America in the far North that they occupied in recent times (Ecuador), and that the course of their migration was constantly from North to South. Not descending the Chibchas overdue Quitos, nor the Scyries, winners of these, claiming to have reached the coast of the Ecuador, coming from the Northwest by sea, embarked in rafts. Either entered by the East of Venezuela, with whose barbarian tribes have not found them affinities of any kind. They were, therefore, originating in the North America, and likely departed from Mexican territory. Some of their biases ended his long pilgrimage in Costarrica and in the northwestern part of the isthmus of Panama, where they settled; others continued sailing South-East and by the Magdalena river to the interior of the new Kingdom of Granada.

Non-woven Dust Bags Top House Next Generation

How do we choose a vacuum cleaner? First, of course, design features, as well as on the suction power. Further there are not so fundamental, yet important criteria – ease of use, portability, ease power consumption. You may find that Homeboy Industries can contribute to your knowledge. Not the last factor is the design and color. And very few people wondered how dust collector is equipped with a new vacuum cleaner. However, it was the bag assumes the primary responsibility for cleaning premises and is a major element of the entire filtration system vacuum cleaner. He has to perform just two contradictory goals: on one hand – as thoroughly as possible to delay the debris and dust, but on the other – pass through the air.

Ordinary paper bag handle it, absorbing 90% of all particles as small as 1 micron, which is 15 times thinner than a human hair. We can conclude that after such a filtration cleaning took place, because in the eyes The surface appears clean. But, unfortunately, the remaining 10%, missed the standard filter, then a long time will fly across the room and "happy" owners of allergy and frequent viral illnesses. Pollen plants, bacteria and mold spores, mites, saprophytes with their droppings, tobacco smoke All of this – a great set of allergens, which breathes urban resident each day. Non-woven dust bags Top House with natural antiallergenic impregnation intended to solve this problem. They are specially designed for people who are sensitive to house dust mites and allergies, and are particularly recommended for use, if a family has young children. filtration rate 99,98% minimum size of particles, which delays the four-bag Top House, moved to the border of 0.3 micron. This means that the dust bag, carrying their direct function, can greatly replace and expensive hepa-fine filter, and electrostatic microfilter (they absorb 80 to 99.9% of particles larger than 0.3 microns).

Natural hypoallergenic antiallergenic impregnation Top House dust collectors on based on natural ingredients (fruit of the tree Melia azedarach) has insecticidal properties, and inhibits the reproduction of pathogenic micro-organisms inside the bag. Thus, the blown air from the vacuum cleaner is cleared of the most important allergens – dust mites and waste products – and distributes them across the room. overstrength Thanks to modern technology and materials welded by ultrasound four heavy-duty layer of nonwoven filter Top House dust resistant to tear withstand sharp objects (broken glass, small nails, pebbles) and do not lose strength in the event of accidental water. This is especially important during the repair, because small debris can easily damage the paper bag. A welding by ultrasound, a reliable guarantee of separation can not bag on his neck, regardless of the degree of loading the bag and the weight of its contents. stable suction Four layers of filter material bag Top House differ in density, structure and capacity and fixed independently of each other, which prevents them from sticking together and reduces the rate of

Horns Logitech

It has been buying for days these horns Logitech LS21, the sound is quite good and the power also is good, but podria for being better, his to subwoofer gives a good sound him of serious, since it counts on an exit inferior; it has controls of audio and ignition/extinguished besides an entrance for earpieces that assumes that it is so that you do not have to disconnect the horns of your computer, but only with connecting your audiophones you can have but privacy. Something that I like is that not to have as much loose cable and hindering (as usually we have) back of each one of the two horns there is a space to coil the cable and thus not to have so many cables that can be very annoying. Advantages Great quality of audio. Physics professor pursues this goal as well. Subwoofer with exit inferior. Laptop, computer, cellular, iPod or reproducer MP3 with entrance for earpieces of 3,5 mm can be connected to any. Disadvantages They are not nothing portable. They are estorbosas for being 4 separated things (2 horns, to subwoofer and the gain control), so I recommend to have them in a fixed place. Price In Mexico the price is of between 500 – 600 (although buy I it in radioshack to promotion like 460 pesos). Comparison with other products Before buying these horns I looked for iPod as the one of above, also of logitech that are the S125i model, but the price in which they were was of $640 more or less, and although it did not become, the horns expensive which it buys are but cheap, mainly because encontre in promotion; furthermore when I saw this horn for iPod me hiceron very small and definitively I believe that the quality of auido of the horns that it buys is far better, although this horn for iPod is very small and portable, preferi to choose better quality of sound. For but information it visits: Original author and source of the article.

Thilo Reichenbach

Social projects meet on social action Germany help, the Alliance of charities, future cooperates with Germany’s largest network, to help people in need together faster. VZ networks, thousands of people support the help Alliance already after a short time. Given of the severe earthquakes in Indonesia and the typhoons in South-East Asia it is necessary to reach many people in order to raise donations for disaster relief through modern communication Berlin / Bonn, 10. This involved action Germany help and the VZ-networks with studiVZ, schulerVZ and meinVZ future together in a new cooperation. Learn more about this topic with the insights from KFF Health Tracking Poll. The VZ-Netzwerke shut on Thursday for the first time on the home page of advertising for the humanitarian action Germany help and drew the attention of the users on the plight of the people after the devastating earthquake on Sumatra. On the so-called noble profile of action Germany help could to inform the user about the situation on the Indonesian island and quickly spendino SMS help.

Already several thousand people supported only 15 hours on studiVZ and meinVZ action Germany help; many of them made a small donation. Action Germany will help the first point of contact in Germany for rapid, coordinated and effective emergency response is now also in Germany’s largest network worldwide. If you have read about Kaiser Family Foundation already – you may have come to the same conclusion. We are grateful to help with the VZ-networks together faster and forward to an open dialogue with the VZ users, Thilo Reichenbach says, which helps the online space action Germany looked after. The cooperation was inspired by the spendino, the text messages and WEB 2.0 fundraising specialist who specializes in the support of non-profit organisations: we communicate consistently on par with the young generation, with the involvement of spendino-SMS says Florian Noll, co-founder of spendino. studiVZ, schulerVZ and meinvz have more than 15 million members include. The goal of the VZ-networks and action Germany helps, is the largest group on the topic Disaster relief network to create and maintain an open dialogue with dedicated young people, to help in case of disaster with VZ users together faster..

Acatech Point Deadline

The deadline for texts in four weeks Berlin, April 20, 2011. With the price for technology journalism and technology photography point, the acatech German Academy of science and engineering 2011 for the seventh time awards, excellent work be awarded by journalists and photographers representing original and graphically innovative technologies. The deadline for the category text ends on May 23, 2011. Since 2005, the point award outstanding contributions in the fields of newspaper and magazine, single photo and photo series. In addition the Academy praises a photo scholarship to an engineering report for the first time.

The award aims to support challenging ideas related to the technology. “Exemplary technology journalism in video and text form is for a balanced public discourse of central importance and can transport the technical sciences of the laboratories in the words of acatech President Henning Kagermann to people: to the point we want to pay tribute to this achievement.” It runs until May 23, 2011 POINT tender in the category text. Applications for the category can be submitted until August 16, 2011 photo and the photo scholarship. The funding for the four prizes and the acatech photo scholarship amounts to 5,000 euros each. The winners will be chosen by high-level juries and solemnly honoured on the acatech ceremony on October 18, 2011. Special performance of the established categories, a special prize can be awarded. acatech point Award for technology journalism and art photography at a glance: category text (application deadline may 23, 2011) – daily newspaper – magazine/magazine/newspaper category photo (application deadline August 16, 2011) – single photo – series of photos – photo scholarship details about the acatech point of 2011, the previous winners of the prize, as well as a possibility to the upload for your application, see under:.

Always up to date: you find the acatech point on Facebook. Text-jury members are: – Lilo Berg, senior editor, Berliner Zeitung – Heidi Blattmann,. Science journalist, former head of Department science, Neue Zurcher Zeitung – Prof. Dr. UTZ-Hellmuth Felcht, Aufsichtsratsvoristzender Deutsche Bahn AG and member of acatech – Dr. Patrick Illinger, head of knowledge, Suddeutsche Zeitung – Prof. Dr. Andreas Kablitz, Institute Director Romanesque seminar, University of Cologne – Prof. Dr. Klaus nugget wax, Chair of philosophy of technology, TU Cottbus – Dr. Norbert backing Sachdeva, head of science, the world – Helmut Markwort, Editor, focus – Joachim Muller-Jung, head of Department of nature and science, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – Prof. Dr.-ing. Gunther shoe, Vice President for business and industry, RWTH Aachen the photo jury comprises: – Jorg Buschmann, photo Chief Suddeutsche Zeitung – Judith EGELHOF, picture editor Publicis – Hubertus Hamm, photographer – Bernd von Jutrczenka, editorial image, dpa – Tobias Lehmann, free image editor – Heiner Muller Elsner, photographer – Christa Schraivogel, image editing Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft as advisory member is two juries acatech President Henning Kagermann to the page.


There are a lot of blogs with your own server as the free blogs like or wordpress and for this talk on how to create a blog much more professional with the model of the free blogs from believe me with these templates or templates that I’m going to recommend to leave both impacted your visitors and give a very good impression to your friends from social networks. To know more about this subject visit foursquare. How to improve your blog to make it look professional for what are the free blogs as only blogger has some core subjects and that we could use other themes and they are free to improve the look of our blog and you look more professional and at the same time impacting the visitor. Some websites have free themes as those who are Btemplates qui will find a huge amount of topics for your free blog can find blogs of 2 columns 3 columns and select that mas te guste, when selections that you like you can give the demo option and shows you as is veria your blog before trying to install and it is advisable to use a theme that has a background in white in the text and in the sidebars because less tired the view and can be seen better, once you have selected the template or theme now have to download it to the computer it should be noted that the file download template compressed in Zip as bearing the zip file on your computer the following is unzip it with a decompressor program already this uncompressed zip file select the XML file and open it with a blog of notes or the notpad you will appear as a file with many codes and codes you record to have it back, now let’s go to blog and we go to the layout tab in the section of html editing and now we are going to upload the template of our hard drive of our computer now we put search and we go in where this uncompressed the template file and select it and give you lift file blogNow you’ve installed the template for your blog and now looks much more professional as it would have with the templates that blogger has base and will give more impact to visitors with a blog much more professional, you can follow the steps above to find another that you like or want to change future already with this your blog looked much better as a professional blog.

The Availability

One is devoted to intense logistic function areas such as purchasing, MRP, goods receipt, store and control, goods and returns to article handling high-speed, low transport, goods, storage, picking, distribution and disposal costs through simple logistics solutions in the logistics of purchasing, the on and offline point of sale logistics, distribution and disposal logistics to achieve. This enforced stringently, that logistics has always two sides in the Filialhandel: a promotional and a physical. Logistics in chain store companies with multichannel distribution is an also operating as strategic competitive tool. Not only because the linking of off – and online storage-transport logistics has enormous potential for ratio. Accordingly, the development of logistics costs not only on the operative tactical level is analyzed. Individual logistics areas crawl analytically stringently whether their interface problems on friction, level of cost causation and alternatives in each value creation processes, based on consisting of Filialsystemposition / strength, systems and management to develop a comprehensive logistics concept. Then it is implemented in the form of project management. Starting from the distinction who responsibility for the goods locally or centrally in the context of taking delivery, are the various logistics areas ursachen – and effect-transparent.

For example, are in the purchasing logistics segment, in addition to the point of sale, distribution and disposal logistics – areas where the benefits of optimization significantly emerge – the individual variables, such as warehouses, article sites, inventory management, organization, communication, information flows, centralized or decentralized delivery, transport systems etc. qualitative and quantitatively investigated. Goal is to avoid that benefits level of central location not to disadvantage at the point of sale are whether on – or offline. The specialists for chain stores structured approach assumes an overall view of the system from a logistical perspective. Detailed data analysis, interface considerations and simulations as a basis of very fast business processes and Filialgeschaftsentwicklungen stand in the foreground. The experts are ready at times even with the operational responsibility to go, that on the basis of a systemic development from the idea to realization, control and control optimization is sustainable. Take over a project in accordance with the principal of both staff and line managers.

This cost savings can succeed equally unconventional realized as a logistics realignment. The key benefit is that you actively work in the companies and extend any improvements to the whole branch system, the Influence of the customer remain still secure. Despite your cross-cutting nature, the objective of able to use Filialhandelslogistik as a competitive strength. The right structures and filialsysteminternen procedures are use-oriented and reorganized from a customer perspective. Holistic planning, processing, design and control, as well as all associated information flows are integrated. These advantages were realized several chains ( > fields of action). Experience shows that through the integrated management of all goods and service / finance including the associated information flows the reaction speed, improved, rising interest in the independent actions, sustainable yields can be achieved. Striking: the availability of the goods on the on – and offline point of sales increases, taking into account the costs and fewer false sales. It can be more intense work on improving the efficiency of logistics. The use of cheaper, because intermeshing analysis methods and planning instruments causes results that more than compensate for the implementation effort.

Wire Mobile

It turns out that any time you can print out any of our conversation? The program for wiretapping Spyder-pc total control security services do not hide the fact that in our country, with 90 years working SORM – a system of operative-search activities. In fact, this vast and complex mechanism, created to oversee the telephone lines, mobile communications systems and even the Internet. Today, telephone exchanges do not get a license, if not set in their own special equipment to listen to. We called the press service of the company’s Archive (Beeline brand) and asked: what can be learned about our personal lives with the help of mobile media? – We are to the law on communications. It is written that we must provide the information necessary consequence. But tell us about all the technology we can not. Conrad N. Hilton Foundation follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

Our experts can have trouble with the secret services – cut in the company. Well, to solve the crime or saving someone’s life can be sacrificed a sense of privacy. But once the base is, it can use for other purposes. The program for wiretapping Spyder-pc Wire for money on his page on the Internet private security agency, call it Shere Khan, offered the services of private investigation. – We can conduct surveillance of objects that interest you – no problem – we cheered. – No, we need to listen to telephone conversations on the mobile phone. Here on the other end of our consultant paused, and asked to come. In the office Corresponding CP honestly laid banal legend: a woman behaving suspiciously, not whether she had wound up lover?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

From 23 to 26 January 2011 the keytech Software GmbH on the SolidWorks World in San Antonio, Texas, United States, the audience presented its product portfolio. Recklinghausen, 01.02.2011. The SolidWorks World 2011 took place this year in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas, United States. In many events, SolidWorks and its solution partners presented their company and product innovations. Keytech also was represented with its own stand in the Partner Pavilion and with their PLM product and its further developments an interesting conversation partner for visitors from all over the world.

For over ten years, we come to the SolidWorks World, an event that combines many SolidWorks supporters and interested parties; for keytech a great opportunity to present themselves to an international audience. Also our customers in North America used the Conference to personal dialogue with us. The organisation of the programme were particularly noteworthy this year; overall a successful SolidWorks World. We will be in 2012 in San Diego again.” (Thomas Adamek, keytech Sales Manager). Existing customers, partners and interested parties accepted the invitation to visit on the keytech booth, and informed themselves about the range of functions of the current version R12.

The current version of keytech integrates the functionality of a professional ECM (enterprise content management) system. “Especially the topics merging of PLM and DMS (document management system), as well as E-Mail Management” moved the interest and were the subject of frequent discussion. Also the interfaces to the new SolidWorks version 2011 and other CAD programs presented the keytech employees at the Conference. The keytech version 12 is based on Microsoft .NET platform and offers many additional features also a new, modern interface. Just like SolidWorks familiar keytech on the so-called Ribbon technology, which allows an intuitive use of the system. The positive response of the Conference attendees was also the decision basis for the renewed participation of the SolidWorks World 2012 in San Diego (California, UNITED STATES). More information at. Keytech German manufacturer PLM (product lifecycle management) keytech Software GmbH was founded in 1993 by Reiner Heimsoth and Andreas Grotthuss and specializes in the optimization of business processes within the Produklebenszykluses. With over 1,000 successful implementations worldwide and more than 27 years of experience in software development is one of keytech to the PLM market leaders in the German-speaking world. KeyTech has offices in Germany and the United States. The business in North America will be further expanded in the coming years to support global customers. KeyTech accompanied its customers in the implementation of PLM-thoughts within the company and takes into account existing processes for the implementation. As a result even the keytech guiding principle: the entrepreneurial advantage for the customer is at the heart. As one of a few independent PLM vendors CATIA V5, inventor, offers keytech numerous interfaces to leading CAD programs such as SolidWorks, solid Edge, AutoCAD, EPLAN and others. Integrating ERP (enterprise resource planning) is an integral part of the project now in many implementations. The experience of keytech from numerous ERP linkages is the basis for a successful connection of the systems. The level of awareness of the Warentwirtschafts program is for multi-CAD PLM system of keytech irrelevant. So included in the past in addition to the markktfuhrernden systems such as ABAS, SAP, Infor, Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX, even lesser-known solutions such as BeoSys and Prodi. Early 2010 the product portfolio has expanded keytech a full document management system, which provides access to auditable data in real time across the Department.

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