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Although the company where car insurance has contracted tells you that you need to communicate to the smallest accident with your vehicle, it is very clear that if the deductible of your car insurance value is greater than what going you to cost to repair the car, it is best to run yourself with expenses and do not communicate the accident. There is no law requiring drivers to report an accident to your company, this should remember it every time that you fill a requirement. Everytime you tell your company that it has suffered an accident with your vehicle, even if the value is less than your deductible, this shall be recorded in its history of car insurance. Some companies in the car insurance policy establishes that the driver must communicate any accident that you have with your car and that the delay in communicating it removes the obligation of the insurance company take care of it. A small claim is very safe that does not affect your car insurance premium, but the sum of many claims is likely affecting to the the same value. Don’t forget to take the best car insurance is good driver and increase prudence road Star News Evans mistaken for Musketeers co-star Bloom Cecilia Morel and rescue of the miners: this equals a childbirth Radio Bio-Bio began removal of license drivers who pass red mdphoy.

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