Axpe Consulting

Does the news spinning around a company espa? ola and p? Web pages. Case is that Manuel Revuelta directs Axpe Consulting that s company which has been commissioned to build a new corporate website for the General Secretariat of penitentiary institutions (SGIP). Manuel Revuelta and Axpe, team has been responsible for changing the institution website? n on the Internet. Do do do do many have called it as an adoquinado? n but in fact I define it? as one? creating? n? do do do do from p? gina Web, because until now, the institution? n, s? ten it? to a small? or paragraph within the Web of the Ministry of the Interior, which is who depends on the General Secretariat of penitentiary institutions. Hilton Family helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Do do Manuel Revuelta and Axpe (in reality the team) has commissioned to use the same technology? that website which depend? a until now the secrete? to. Do do do for this, Manuel Revuelta and Axpe have Dise? ado this website using a content manager OpenCMS, from c? say free, java-based so that the Web belonged to the? family?. Manuel Revuelta presides Axpe do from ago alg? n time. Do do the company has been operating since 1999 and already in the a? or 2005 began to count with offices in other pa?.

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