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Such packages are usually much less expensive than the offerings of Deutsche Telekom. Please note here however that a technician to Them in the House come must, to switch to the connection. This technician appointment lasts but usually only a quarter of an hour. If you are a customer with another provider: If you opt for a new complete package and have your previous telephone and DSL connection not at Telekom, there are some things to consider. The direct exchange between the complete services of this provider is not always possible.

Missing agreements or simple technical problems are to blame for this. Can you comply with the notice period? In any case, keep in mind the minimum term of your previous contract. Usually is these 12 to 24 months. Some vendors have also offers without a minimum contract period. A change within the contract term is in principle possible, however the old provider can request rental charges until the end of the regular term of you anyway.

Also, be sure whether you might have a special right of termination. This is always the case, when are the general terms and conditions (GTC) of the provider change. After such a change, they have usually 14 days or one month time to cancel. What is to follow? Note not only the minimum contract period of the connection. May you have purchased to later benefits, which now have a longer maturity, as the Anschluss.Unter additional services must be cancelled separately circumstances. A their phone number is usually possible if you switch to another provider of Deutsche Telekom. When switching between alternative providers, this can be technically impossible under the circumstances. Apply for number portability in any case, even if later will tell you that this is not possible. The best deal if you heed these preparations, nothing more can happen. Now, you have to find just the right rate. The easiest way is that with a DSL tariff comparison which shows you all the information about the offers and all fees, hidden costs and benefits of tariffs taken into account.

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