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One is pretty bad with some technology things but not for lack of interest, but rather because some things are not especially logical, I don’t understand why the batteries of mobile phones have a very meagre life, free mobile phones aren’t cheap exactly, so for that reason they should last longer, but according to a friend in mobile more than three years a battery is a reasonable period, still find three years it me little and more if you are fond of as it is my case to go with the phone in radio mode walking aimlessly, to stretch your muscles after a day of rain where your body not been ported especially well. What carry the radio in the cell phone is a great invention but empty the said gadget battery with same voracity than if you had a long conversation. Nor do I understand because internet is slow when something urges you and the time you constraints, but illogical things don’t end there, the printer always seems to give problems when you need their services urgently. The pen is dry when you’re in the best of the phrase, so one can say that technology is not always a faithful ally, everything usually fail when you need it, but so strange even in the simplest things destiny. If you would like to know more then you should visit James Woods. You don’t know because some emails are lost and never come to port also because short mobile messages are lost in space. There are days in which communications are dropped, websites are also hung and nobody knows because of that.

It is rare that all work at full capacity, technology has its dark side, however, adult content Web pages always work as the silk are opened and loaded at high speed, they are perfectly set apart, but normal ones are which usually give problems. Nothing advanced technological is one hundred percent reliable, proof of this is that computing also has its dark side, especially when this strange entity called operating system decides that that day the thing won’t work, that strange element that everyone knows is necessary to make the computer a utensil practical and not a bunch of wires decides today to cut your rate of work. The issue is that we are prisoners of mobile phones, internet and everything new and that brings us to be victims of the technological crashes that don’t always work.

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