Safari Browser Rules

Internet, as well as any other technology, always striving to simplify work with them and make the labor process as convenient and comfortable. What is the most basic, we need to work with a global network? Computer, many say, but do not think that the first and basic device for the network is the Internet browser. On how comfortable you will be in the window of the program to view websites, go back to the viewed pages, and will depend on the speed of your work. We want to offer you a very convenient browser – safari. Safari plug-ins is the mass of various useful functions, for example, create a link to a page to her memory. It's called Drag and Drop.

Moreover, the establishment of links differs from the usual premises url to bookmark or favorites. In Safari, you can use your mouse to move the link to create a shortcut, anywhere, even on the desktop. In addition, when transferring the label from address link to open a text document on the page displays the address of upl. Safari plug-ins – it is also possible to save the selected text in the browser window and move it into the page text document, and you need to do just drag and drop text, without moving it to the clipboard. Likewise, in apple safari moved pictures and files. If we take into account the compatibility of the modern browser, the safari to work in Windows – it's what you need.

Safari windows entirely suitable for all varieties of Windows. The browser has a huge amount of "hot keys" to work without using the mouse, but they are different from other browsers. In this regard, to clarify the functions keyboard shortcuts and memorize their combinations you can visit the site SafariPlugins. ru. Here, many users have tried the browser, share their discoveries and emotions. In addition, the Internet browser Safari is also available for download.

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