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Wild Marriage: With Testament Behoove

Many people today live in non-marital partnership. Even if this should continue and should be imbued with great affection: it inherits nothing from the other. There is no statutory law of succession, when the unmarried partner dies (exception: registered same-sex partnership). The other to inherit, a last will and Testament available needs to be taken so a testament that private writing can be built without a notary. The non-marital partners have not only the opportunity to use each other to the threatens. Also only the granting of an in-house position is possible. Void: autograph writing of the last will, place, date and signature. Also be noted: unmarried partner as opposed to spouses may not establish a joint will.

Want to contact a each other heirs, so must be everyone writing a last will. However, such individual wills carry a risk: you can change it at any time after a dispute. This change, for example a disinheritance, can of course also secretly done. the Enterbte learns of circumstances so nothing. Can I protect myself against such changes secret? Yes. The partners committed each other in a notarial contract of inheritance to heirs, so this would be binding. Without the consent of the other one comes out this out not more say (unless it has agreed a withdrawal conditional). The succession of others is so secured.

But what if the couple separates? Then it will be normally not desired that the other will still inherit. This can be problem, that the partners in the inheritance agree its suspension in the event of separation. The testator testamentary dispositions are automatically eliminated. Each partner can bring released his last will and Testament new to paper. More information: German forum for inheritance law.

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