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UMTS Mobile

Discover the great solutions for remote control and security to your home/office using your GSM phone technology know that the 7 billion Earth dwellers 5.9 billion have a cell phone? And that about 90% of this mobile phone owners use the GSM standard and the 3 UMTS? The incredible development and the brilliant success of GSM mobile telephony around the world are due to its proven and reliable technology, as well as the global roaming capability of the system. So over 5 billion people around the globe can occur anytime, almost anywhere in connection with each other. While the technology remains mostly private users of mobile phone use for telephony, SMS and Web applications, there is now a growing market of professional providers that use GSM mobile phones in a variety of application areas such as telemetry, health care, automotive industry and location, payment processing, security and remote monitoring. In the areas of security and control enable the wireless communication between these systems and any GSM mobile phone GSM communication module in safety and control systems. This can be 1) homes or offices by phone protected from burglary and remotely controlled 2) electrical appliances in households or offices by phone. The competitive advantage of GSM-based security and control systems is the wireless connection of the solution. Whenever Paul Tudor Jones listens, a sympathetic response will follow. An alarm occurs wirelessly and does not have a normal phone line, which can be cut easily. In addition, the GSM-based communication makes it possible to receive messages on any GSM mobile phone and control plants from there without any additional investment.

So it is a very inexpensive solution that can put together to everyone. A burglar sent SMS or MMS messages or calls over the GSM alarm and control system at predetermined numbers. From any GSM mobile phone SMS or MMS messages or calls that are similar to GSM alarm and control system sent to devices such as lamps, heaters or sprinkler systems, etc. from the Afar on / off switch. Are most on the market available GSM alarm and control systems a central processing unit with GSM communication module, that with or without cable several types of sensors can be connected. The most common sensors are infrared motion detector, smoke, gas and fire alarms, door opening sensors and glass break sensors. In addition, indoor and outdoor sirens and relay for remote control of devices can be connected. GSM-based safety and control systems are thus one easy-to-use, self installable and cost-effective solution for anyone who wants to secure his home or Office against burglary or control, instruct without expensive security companies or create costly infrastructure for remote control. Michel forro

Krisensicher: Mobile Shop Handy24.de Offers As Adding 1 Kg Silver Ingots

Customers get increasingly difficult to place a good ongoing offer 1000 g Sterling upon completion it will currently saturated mobile phone market. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Peter Thiel on most websites. HANDY24 made this now with the silver deal once again. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Kris Kobach. Already in the past specifically customised offers have been put together for this purpose, and placed advertising technically effective, which achieved a huge success in the market. This became noticeable, even with various competitors that similar or even same deals were offered the customer. Ultimately the silver DEAL published for the new year builds on experience gained by HANDY24 back on the years of, in online and also in a retail store. A well knitted offer which only benefits the customer first and foremost.

In this case, the customer, in addition to two free top phones from Samsung over 1000 g of silver can be happy. These, specially for this offer selected contracts, are also particularly treated. The customer has for the relevant contractual period each 24 months only 4.95 monthly Basic fee per SIM card to pay. The minimum turnover in addition per day 1 minute. The complete package of two mobile phones, two contracts and the 1 KG silver ingots costs 1.-. The silver bullion comes directly after activation of contracts by Pro Aurum via CIT to the customer and has an embossed stamp of umicore/dugussa. Through the dies, the consumer can redeem at any time the silver bullion at his local bank for cash. USD-based the white precious metal from a weekly perspective grew 6.8 percent, sic increased h by London fixing over 14.28 USD per Troy ounce.

EUR-based silver was fixed Friday to 11,29 and thus was the third day in a row above the 11 EUR mark. In week view, European silver bugs at a more than 8.6 percent price increase in their metal could forward. Managing Director Simon Piontek to offer: In times of crisis we want to access to the consumer also times to suggest not only conventional allowances such as game consoles and flat TV BBs, but also to do something for the screening. “And who would a 1 KG silver ingots not likes at home.” The offer is for a limited time and limited available. As in the House of common, HANDY24, the customer gets shown on a specially created supply side, offering an appealing look. This can be found under results/silberdeal.

Deutsche Telekom

Such packages are usually much less expensive than the offerings of Deutsche Telekom. Please note here however that a technician to Them in the House come must, to switch to the connection. This technician appointment lasts but usually only a quarter of an hour. If you are a customer with another provider: If you opt for a new complete package and have your previous telephone and DSL connection not at Telekom, there are some things to consider. The direct exchange between the complete services of this provider is not always possible.

Missing agreements or simple technical problems are to blame for this. Can you comply with the notice period? In any case, keep in mind the minimum term of your previous contract. Usually is these 12 to 24 months. Some vendors have also offers without a minimum contract period. A change within the contract term is in principle possible, however the old provider can request rental charges until the end of the regular term of you anyway.

Also, be sure whether you might have a special right of termination. This is always the case, when are the general terms and conditions (GTC) of the provider change. After such a change, they have usually 14 days or one month time to cancel. What is to follow? Note not only the minimum contract period of the connection. May you have purchased to later benefits, which now have a longer maturity, as the Anschluss.Unter additional services must be cancelled separately circumstances. A their phone number is usually possible if you switch to another provider of Deutsche Telekom. When switching between alternative providers, this can be technically impossible under the circumstances. Apply for number portability in any case, even if later will tell you that this is not possible. The best deal if you heed these preparations, nothing more can happen. Now, you have to find just the right rate. The easiest way is that with a DSL tariff comparison which shows you all the information about the offers and all fees, hidden costs and benefits of tariffs taken into account.

The New Tariffs Of Telecom

The new tariff structure at the pink giant may change many things at the telephone and Internet rates of Deutsche Telekom. Pure phone tariffs (single play), the rates for telephony and DSL (double play), as well as tariffs, providing Additionally to television via the DSL line (triple play), are there basically Yes. In particular the names of the fares change in terms of single play. The previous base rate call plus is called call will start. Hilton Foundation may find this interesting as well. Standard connection renames the old tariff of T-Net.

The previous tariff Calltime then is call basic and the flat-rate tariff XXL fulltime then call comfort. The local flat tariff XXL local is completely eliminated. The ISDN connection is generally in renamed universal connection. The double play retains the old name area, but some fare components vary. The basic rate of call & surf start receives in the future a DSL 2000 line instead of the 1000 line so far. The rate of call & surf Basic (with surf flat) will be reduced in price, it dropped the previously contained free minutes phone however.

At the top rates call & surf comfort, as well as call & surf comfort plus nothing essential changes. In the triple play, the changes to section already in April effectively. The previous base rate entertain Basic is completely eliminated. Some benefits of the previous peak tariff entertain comfort plus such additional premium or two Bundesliga matches per game day shall become the new top rate entertain premium. The entertain comfort plus reduces it in the price. Applies to all changes, that existing contracts of the changes are not automatically affected. Eckart Haase

German Cable Internet Access Providers At A Glance

Overview on the subject of cable Internet access provider in Germany. Despite further increasing availability, a fast Internet connection via DSL is not available everywhere. As an alternative, in particular cable Internet and UMTS (or HSDPA) increasing popularity enjoy. In terms of speed and price / performance ratio is cable Internet of classic DSL connections no longer. Rather, Internet via cable from cable Germany, Unitymedia and Kabel BW offers already maximum download rates of 32,000 KBit / s.

Thus, a cable Internet connection by Unitymedia and co. is connection already today roughly twice as fast as a normal ADSL. The maximum upload rate for cable Internet is currently moving at to 2500 KBit / s (Kabel BW). With the currently available bandwidth isn’t the end of the flagpole is reached but long. Cable Germany reached in first practice tests over 200 megabits per second download. Thus bandwidth seem in the future also very intensive applications such as HDTV, for example, no problem to represent more. Also thanks to that the fact that Cable Internet connection no Telecom telephone connection can be used, need the cable Internet provider don’t shy away from the comparison with established DSL providers.

Connection including Internet flat rate is a pure cable DSL such as cable Germany already for under 10 euros a month. Double flat-rate there are packages for Internet and phone such as Unitymedia from 25 Euro per month. The minimum contract duration with cable Internet connections are similar to those for ADSL or VDSL connections and 12 (cable Germany, Unitymedia) or 24 months (Kabel BW). However, not all cable providers are available everywhere. The German cable market is rather divided by province. In addition to the 3 major German cable providers also two smaller cable operators offer tele Columbus and PrimCom comparable cable, Internet and phone products author: Philipp Wolter

Change The DSL Provider

To get a new DSL connection, in five steps to the new DSL connection is often more difficult than the DSL provider advertising suggests. It is important to proceed with ordering a new DSL connection with planning and care. The five essential steps to the new DSL connection are shown below. The first step is the selection of the best DSL provider. However, caution is advised when new DSL rates and special offers. New and accordingly strongly advertised DSL rates attract many customers so that the DSL providers are quickly overloaded and hardly comply with the processing of orders and orders.

The second step should be to assess what problems when changing could arise. The DSL line is now more unstable, also the change to another DSL provider with high probability will lead to problems. Difficulties occur often even, if the new DSL provider makes available a higher DSL bandwidth than the old. The third step should be a phone conversation with the previous DSL provider. It should be clarified to date the existing contract may be terminated and the person are correct if all data stored. These must match that specified data the two new DSL providers.

Possibly also turns out during the phone call, that the previous DSL provider now has a more favorable DSL tariff offer, so that you can save yourself the change. The fourth step in the application of the new DSL connection. If possible, a binding date for the start of the contract should be agreed. The best is to leave the new DSL provider, cancelling the existing DSL connection because termination dates and delivery dates to optimally coordinate. The fifth step is to wait patiently on the new DSL connection. A week should be included in the least.

Multiplier Mobile: M-days 2009 Successfully Start

The Congress trade fair of M-days in the BMW world Munich goes on the 22nd and 23rd January 2009 in the fourth round. Now get only 45 percent of Congress places available. “With more than 60 speakers, two rounds of vision elephants, six star-studded expert panels, top speakers from ZenithOptimedia, T-Mobile, MediPlus, Deloitte, BMW, Qualcomm, Stroer, TOMORROW FOCUS, as well as radio Antenne Bayern and 45 exhibitors start on the 22nd and 23rd January 2009 the fourth M-days under the motto the home of MOBILE” in the unique atmosphere of the BMW Welt in Munich. Erding, 05 December 2008 the mobile Internet and the intensified utilization behavior of the new generation of devices such as the iPhone open the market a wide range of new possibilities. Present and future map present exhibitors at the M-days over 60% from the German mobile market. Olav A. wash gravel, head of working group mobile in the BVDW and Director of strategic marketing & mobile Internet at Pixelpark AG, is impressed. The M-days did it, despite the dark clouds am economic Heaven directly in January a highlight to the location of the mobile industry to use.

I look forward to the strategies and concepts, which are represented in Munich by leading minds in the industry “, Olav A. wash gravel is member of the Congress Board of the M-days. All key players and top managers will be represented at the largest German mobile Congress trade fair 2008. In addition to famous brands and media companies, companies such as Lufthansa, BBDO, YOC, NetBiscuits and Microsoft will be represented. “” The themes of the two-day focus on the one on visions of the future as counter iPhone: 2012 media in the digital world “or mobile technology of the future and the viability of advertising and content”.

“” On the other hand provide M-days detailed insights and experience reports of various mobile functions, such as billing methods for trade and Onliner age verifizierungen “and mobile tagging”. But other aspects of the fields of mobile Web, mobile marketing, mobile entertainment, mobile Commerce, location based services and mobile media and cross-media integration into the traditional marketing mix and media networking take center stage. More than 400 Congress participants as well as 800 trade fair visitors are expected at the M-days 2009. Over 1,400 m exhibition space with over 45 exhibitors to offer the optimal information and Exchange platform. See established Congress tickets for both days to 390,00 euro, more information about the Congress and the exhibition of 11 percent, communication has 11 percent – communication with headquarters in Erding is a neutral communications platform between brand and media world and the eGame – and mobile entertainment market. She advises and provides detailed and comprehensive information about this market companies. In addition the organisation of events in these subject areas. A further competence of 11 percent is the PR area.

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