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Tarot Cards

Hello Probably each of us would occasionally lift the veil of the days to come and look back to see what will happen to us in the near and distant future. In fact, no need to create a time machine, because over 5000 years, humans have been successfully using this proven way to predict his fate – namely, tarot cards tarot line on relationships, love and the future. Each card – is a window into the unconscious, it helps fixed all and look into what for him nahoditsya.Simvoly Tarot cause different people have different associations. They do not have to be different: it is necessary to overcome long-standing habit of the mind to reduce everything to the already known things. So new to learn. As its apparent illogicality dreams help to overcome the stereotypes of thinking and tarot cards by intuition help to penetrate their meaning, if the mind does not get into those depths. Characters are the mainstay of intuition. They are ambiguous and therefore are perceived differently by different people, not only, but by the same person at different times.

Transfer them to another person and situation to another is impossible. Some contend that Mick Jagger shows great expertise in this. In general, if people have a question, then answer it already exists, it is only in the subconscious mind asking. A map to help just read it, investing the contents of the unconscious in visual images – symbols. Because, guess You must be familiar with a deck of cards. It is important to deeply and thoughtfully consider the card separately, talking with her, and understand the entire flow of information inherent in the symbols of the Tarot cards. Of course, as a clue to use text messaging, situated in the description of the deck, but the deeper meaning you find yourself on the map. Play a big role here, and astrological symbols, and postures, and the colors and plants.

Try to "enter" in map, to understand it. Continue to learn more with: Ron Wood. The same is done with an inverted map. On average, study each card for every position it is necessary to spend at least a couple of hours. At the same time separately on a sheet of paper, try to summarize why it is this map correspond to those values and what values do you consider it necessary to add. Imeeya years of experience with tarot cards, I'm helping dyudyam in dealing with problems that can not be solved by other means in the usual life. Turning to me, you can be sure that the divination is performed qualitatively and vkratchayshie time and you will get answers to your questions.

Select Bedding

Bedding should be chosen with great care, because in the dream of all people takes time, and therefore it must be not only sweet but enjoyable. There is now a huge choice of bedding for anyone, even the most exacting tastes. But before the deal in a variety of tissues, is to talk about size. Indeed, quite often there is the question. Usually the complete set of linen for double bed includes: two pillowcases, duvet covers and sheets. In addition, the sale is a children's sets, twin sets and even to bed with two mattresses. The size must be specified on the package if this marking is not there, you should refrain from purchase, as an indicator of poor quality. In Russia, the following dimensions of bed linen: Euro – 220 240 cm, but this standard, there are other European sizes, but they are rare; polutorospalnoe linen – 215 143 cm, double – 215 175 cm.

European manufacturers use slightly different terms. This king-size – lingerie at a very large, so-called 'three bedroom' bed; children – laundry and 125 cm length for a bed for one child and two-bed, 1,5-bed, one-bed – for two and a half and a single bed, respectively. Now, knowing the size, you can go to the choice of fabric for a cozy bed linen. In the shops of the town there is a large variety of lingerie, not only of different tissues, but also performed in a completely unique style. But if the colors and design of each absorbs the taste, the characteristics of a fabric are always lack. Calico – refers to the cotton bed linen, the main advantage of such clothes to wear. Even after years of washings, it has remained virtually unchanged.

Such clothes, even sometimes inherited, which once again proves that it is truly a great life. To the touch it is a little rough, but at bedtime it does not feel. Especially important to use them in the winter, so the fabric retains heat well. Sateen – Cotton linen with a silk shade. This is due to special technology of tissue, where silk threads are added between cotton. Satine is also called "silk cotton". Wash clothes can be a 300 times that as well as a calico is an indicator of relatively long operating period. At the touch of linen should be smooth but not slippery. Among sateen cotton underwear is the most expensive. Silk bedding – the most luxurious and accordingly very expensive. When choosing a bed linen is worth paying attention to the manufacturer, as are frequent cases of fraud. The best is Chinese silk, he made the masters of hand, and time practically does not change its appearance. This is an exclusive lingerie. And finally, lingerie for kids is a separate part of bed linen. It should be made only from natural materials, and usually differ bright pattern. The main natural shades to choose not to get caught on the cheap Chinese stuff. The same rule should guide the choice of any bedding.

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