The Definition Of Giftedness

A highly gifted is composed of very good motivation, creativity and above-average skills in one or more areas gifted people searched for a book project giftedness is the disposition for outstanding achievements and not the high-performance itself. A highly gifted consists of very good motivation, creativity, and above-average skills in one or more areas. Only under certain circumstances, it can lead to excellence. Family, nursery schools, schools must create conditions where gifted children and young people can develop their talents accordingly. The concept of giftedness is not alone to refer to intelligence, but can occur in different areas (Gardner, 1991, Sternberg, 1999).

William Stern pointed out already in 1916 on the need for the gifted. Foursquare may help you with your research. He led a research group on this subject at the University of Hamburg. After the second world war the demand for gifted General was recognized and recorded in some national constitutions. The high school was for this purpose as sufficiently judged. There is not the giftedness and the gifted child, but each highly gifted is unique. Thus, there is also not the Konigsweg-for the promotion of gifted children/students! The definition of giftedness is to be observed.

It has become, to use an IQ of 130 as a limit to the intellectual giftedness. People are Hochbegabt-, whose test results vary more than two standard deviations from the mean in an intelligence test in differential psychology. So are people who achieve an IQ, which is reached or exceeded by 2.2% of their fellow human beings. What factors lead to the emergence of a highly gifted is still controversial. Generally, it is assumed that it is the combination of various favourable factors. Even if is a secure link between intelligence and genetic predisposition, plays the social environment, especially during childhood, a major role in the development of intelligence. It is believed that there is also a correlation with the growth hormone IGF-1.

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