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Miguel Angel Cornejo

In this article I will refer to some necessary steps in search of personal improvement. And, when we talk about personal growth we refer to the improvement which, in each of the stages of our lives, and in the different fields in which we operate, we achieve through time. Without this article intends to have a religious or theological connotation, is important to note that the self-improvement of the human being has always been in the plans of Divine Providence, being understood for the purposes of this article, as Divine Providence, as described by Wikipedia: oversight, intervention, or the set of active actions of God in the relief of the men.(1), And that purpose has been disclosed in the will of the divine nature, in each one of the stages or dispensations of man on Earth and has been referred to the welfare of the human being, as he says in the book of Genesis in the Bible, in one of his verses, which indicates: is not good that the man should be alone (2). The marked text highlights how, is not the divine will, anything that is not good, putting the divine sovereignty necessary solutions within the reach of human beings for man. Without mean foregoing such purpose need to comply in all persons automatically or as unbreakable law, but that, rather, there are laws that must be met for the accomplishment of the divine purpose and, as I mentioned earlier, we are not talking about theological aspects related to one or another religion, but to the overall well-being of mankind. This improvement would be referred to the achievement of the objectives that lead to happiness, abundance and, above all, the peace of the men and women here on Earth. Such overcoming equals wisdom, intelligence and love. As Miguel Angel Cornejo in one of his articles on the Blog crecerenpositivo (3): the accumulation of wisdom, is the way to overcome. Read more here: Daniel Straus Healthbridge.

The Deck

Have to reduce speed. And on "Sea knife" need to take the opposite action. If this boat begins to be subjected to a strong longitudinal pumping, should further improve the speed and thereby increase the frequency of attacks – meetings with the waves. As a result, the impact of waves on the hull of the boat will diminish. Clearly, for such a maneuver is necessary to have reserve capacity.

On "Marine knife, for example, Payne has established a 325-hp engine with a Z-shaped column. Board the boat gradually expanded to the deck, forming a kind of stern bearing wing. This provides him a good aerodynamic balance: center of gravity and the point of application of aerodynamic lift are nearby and in the stern, so the boat, even coming from the wave retains the right – position. Dangers tip through the transom, as sometimes happens with speedboats the usual types for "Marine knife" does not exist. Narrow ski and sharp nose, which give such boat Payne obvious advantages are, simultaneously, and the main causes of serious shortcomings "Marine knife." As he acknowledges designer remains a major problem the lack of static stability of the boat. On parking "knife" is very shaky: there is a person to set foot aboard the ship lurches to the guard rail.

We are talking about initial stability. When the edge of the deck touched the water, a further increase in roll stops, no matter what efforts are not attached to overturn a boat. Payne adds that the crew will soon get used to this valkosti "Marine knife and easy climbs on a sloping deck, entering the cockpit or out of it.


Is not there a number of life-saving? They can be anything that will increase the buoyancy of a person and that you are able to it in good faith (Life preserver, a boat, floating logs, etc.). Cheerfully screaming victim, you are going to help. If you got to swim a drowning, it is necessary to take into account the maximum flow of water, wind, distance to shore etc. Approaching, Try to reassure and encourage forces of vybivshego swimmer. If it failed, and he can control his actions, the swimmer must keep the shoulder saver. If not – deal with it must be hard and ruthlessly to save him and save his life. Brief safety looks like this: swam to the drowning man, you must podnyrnut under him, and took back one of the methods of capture (classic – the hair), transported to shore. To know more about this subject visit Daniel Straus Healthbridge. If drowning man managed to grab you by the arm, neck or feet, freed and immediately dive – survival instinct will force you to let go of the victim.

If a person has already plunged into the water, do not quit trying to find it on depth, and then brought back to life. This can be done if drowned in water was about 6 minutes. Pulling on the beach, clean the nose and mouth of the victim from the slime and sand (with your fingers, turning his head to one side). Then put the victim on his stomach on my knee (to hang his head, face down), and strongly pressing, vyplesnite water from stomach and respiratory tract. All this must be done quickly and also quickly put the victim on his back, his belt and unbutton the top buttons and start artificial respiration (mouth to mouth). If the victim does not break hearts, artificial respiration should be combined with direct cardiac massage. Click Daniel Straus Healthbridge for additional related pages. Well, if assistance is provided by two. Then one makes the artificial respiration, then the other cardiac massage. Do not stop the action on resuscitation until the arrival of the ambulance, through your actions the body can still live. Even if you do not have any training – go for it! We must use every chance.

RC Cars

Almost all we know, as might be meager range of toys during our childhood. Cars and Bears released on typical cliches, and accordingly all, without exception, were able to play only one toy. AND enough can remember how much like at least five minutes to mess with the bounce from abroad neighbor's kid a toy – a real Barbie or Ken, or the very first cars to the remote control, attached simple entry to the actual machine. Today, children do not need to look at the neighbors, because the choice of toys so high that everyone can choose something, anything others can only envy. Here are today's radio-controlled cars are still enticed everyone's attention, and very often children will not rest until I will find a desired model.

And this explained easily. The model with the radio – this version hit the adult world. On a real car or buggy ride even impossible – but you can manage a modest modelka that on external characteristics not in any way different from the large version. Therefore, in our time convenient to buy radio controlled models. Once buy a lot of robots, or helicopter, and you in the next couple of years have a bunch of gifts for all without exceptions rebyatni familiar. From this gift will not give up, including adults.

When you have a cottage, who do not have to taste, relaxing in a hammock, easily controlled helicopter in a cloudless sky overhead. Daniel E Straus might disagree with that approach. Any RC helicopters will spend their free time available efficiently, instead of lying down in front of mindless TV screen. Far better to think of air traffic and improve eye than drink up strong drinks with friends. Joyful of all, that currently meets on radio is all – the robots and the cats, armored cars, buggies and ambulances, boats and airplanes. So, why would not lay your heart, or who would subsequently not wish to become your child, you have the opportunity to select the radio-controlled toy to taste, and in full accordance with the theme of the game you want to play. Role-playing – this way develop skills and develop your mind. Modern civilization is too tightly stuck to the television and computer monitors, it's time to get away from it and do something more active. What kind of parent would not want to be kid does not mess up your vision for your computer, and playing outdoors. Indeed, many children do not represent how much fun can be in the fresh air. Toys with radio able to contribute to them is realize, and at the same time give a lot of happiness and joy of communication with peers.

Cuban Government

System of Government: put another example a person from Germany (who has lived all the) (life in their country and not had the opportunity to travel) knows a person coming from Cuba and considers the system of Government in his country way negative since your reference is news you see on television on the Cuban Government and its local environment (many of these news sometimes can be poorly focused and can highlight the negative). Another German (as if he had the opportunity to travel to Cuba and meet old Havana, Varadero and other tourist sites in Cuba) vera to this same Cuban in a different way since he had the opportunity to meet some Cuban people on the trip that I make (perhaps treated him very well) and also because it was able to discover the tourist attractions of Cuba and exchange views with people in that country about its GovernmentThis person (the German who met Cuba) not affect you much negative about the regime of Cuba news since already formed their own criteria to know Cuba. As we can appreciate the travel and learn about a particular destination has the ability to make our mind becomes more receptive accepting other points of view of people who have habits and ways of thinking different from us which helps us in a direct way to have our own judgment against our local environment or traditional communication media, we never try that the world is only the country where we live since if we think in this way we will be losing us much informationa good part of our life learning and ignoring our unique home that is planet Earth.


Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the workers of the coal industry with the Miner's Day. In his message to the head of state, in particular, said: "Today we honor the brave people whose hard work – bail the actual development of the Russian economy. You give life to our industry, brings light and warmth in the homes of Russians. Your serious, dangerous and honorable profession requires individuals maximum restraint and self-sacrifice, and often – courage and true dedication. " And he went ember selective piped to the surface. Remembers all the wizard rock, as if only survived yesterday. Mine That it is more expensive this mine since childhood home? Again, a good man Falls into his face Tomorrow, as yesterday, the coal to the surface will be served as is, miners.

Work, very hard, work that not everyone on the shoulder, against the grain, the enthusiasm. Without the miners – not. Congratulations, my friends, with your holiday, Happy your light. Let everywhere and always turn to the fate you face only the Privetnoye. Source: dear friends! I heartily congratulate you on your professional holiday – Day of the miner! The coal mining industry has been and remains one of the defining industry of the Southern Urals. You – the representatives of a difficult profession, and even made no easier still your incredibly hard, risky work. Today, in a number of enterprises and entire industries, that after the crisis rose to his feet, earn a profit. I am sure that mining companies firmly occupy a niche in the modern economic structure, update the technical basis, will work for the future – to introduce new technology and raise the profitability of coal production.

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