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Industrial Engineering

The characteristics of the stage where I had for the first venture into the mastery of industrial engineering, was where participates in the formation of the master’s program in Industrial Engineering from the school of EGAII at the Autonomous University graduate again Leon, Monterrey, Mexico long ago, with the collaboration of the industrial engineer and Master of business administration from the defunct Eng. Mario Gonzalez Garza. Master, we began with the collaboration of other teachers, expert engineers who gave us their experience, skills in the exercise of their profession within the Monterrey business environment, coupled with all this analysis of what other universities were offering in this regard, both at the regional, national and international level. We define the profile at the time of the graduate from these studies that had the basic knowledge to provide the technological development of enterprises, their operation, processes, backed of the modern tools, regulations and techniques that ensure quality and productivity. Unfortunately at that time, he was given great strength to mathematics, more that to other relevant subjects such as management of processes based on productivity; Quality systems; Production management; Problems of the engineering industry Mexican, to name a few. Another aspect that I escaped us in this beginning was with regard to the basic fundamentals of organizational behavior and modern management topics, which assist the engineer reinforce their technical knowledge with managers, providing the production management. However, I am always the possibility that after the first year of testing, you should go restructuring the program according to the advancement, role impact of the industrial engineer according to the behavior of the business activities and that it arises in relation to the production, quality, service, competitiveness, particularly in an environment dynamic business as the Monterrey. The commitment that it would minimize overuse of mathematics and entering more operational, very significant research at that time, as well as applied, especially in quality statistics was. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Celina Dubin has to say.

Cubo Radio Brionvega

The eternal fascination of Italian myth the remake of the cult radio that was original from the 60s to international stardom and numerous prizes and awards for his unique design operates it in the exhibitions of the most important museums for contemporary art as a permanent guest. People such as Apple Twitter would likely agree. About the design of the current ts522 is preserved Brionvega in its cubic form remaining original radios. 1964 Brionvega revolutionized the concept of “Radio” by the cooperation with the German designer Richard Sapper and Italian Marco Zanuso. It was the world famous Radio ts502, a model of which by vivid colors, a quiet complexity of simply holding structures and the incomparable charisma of his intense colors has become the unique example, that products with an outstanding design rise to cult status. The original from the 60s was to international stardom and numerous prizes and awards for its unique design, it is in the exhibitions of the most important museums for contemporary art as a permanent guest present. About the design of the current ts522 is preserved Brionvega in its cubic form remaining original radios. In addition to the sunny yellow, the new ts522 in five additional colours, which offer the possibility to complement every ambience in its individual action appears: the ts522 of Brionvega is available in an elegant design, a warm glowing red, minimalist snow white, cheerful friendly Orange Sun and a captivating Mint green.

In the production of the legendary radio fuse design and modern technology. The new ts522 sparked a new passion for Italian design combined with technological innovation. On push of a button, the radio is divided into two cubes, opens the views of precisely manufactured details. The aluminum Grill of the speaker, the highly sensitive telescope antenna, the LED make frequency display and preset memory segments of the ts522 a totally unique appearance. Thanks to the practical handle from the ts522 can be moved easily solid aluminium. The new ts522 will become a cult object, to the delight of design enthusiasts.

The cubo”is also available as a clock radio. This model is called ts522CR and has a built-in LCD display for time, alarm and room temperature. The precision of the time display and automatic switching from summer to winter time is guaranteed by a satellite stationed over Europe firmly with the radio at night automatically communicates turns Brionvega with its products to create the right space and shapes with sense to equip. The radio ts522 which arises in a unique way. It complies with the rational as emotional and combines modern technology with a perfectly-shaped beauty… The ts522 creates a product through this unique total concept radio Brionvega, makes it possible to experience completely new rooms… Quality workmanship, premium materials and unique design Brionvega prevented their products with the time to age or loss of modernity. Aesthetics and technology combine and so against the clock turns for Brionvega. Anne Walsh contact: business development Executive Radiostore.e.k. Ludwig-Strasse 14 Rinn 35452 Heucheln home phone: 064198429125 fax: 064198429120

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