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One of the ways most quick and effective start an Internet business and make money before have something to sell, is sell something third-party, and earn a Commission for that sale. You can start a blog with free Blogger and not bring major problems as for example Google Blogger, is relatively simple to use provided is not too to customize the appearance of the same. It serves very well to make the first experience and, as we say in slang, begin to get wet feet. The advantages of Blogger is that it is free, and not just the blog, but also the domain and hosting. Ultimately, it’s great to take experience and not spend a fortune in the attempt. Blogger has its pros and cons. among the pros I can name that it is easy to use, that it is completely free, it has dozens of aggregates or gadgets to make the blog more interesting and all are completely free, unlike other systems in which all these gadgets must pay them and are not so easy to include in the blog; allows you to add as many guest authors as you want while maintaining the administration of the blog in one person (gives you total control) and with one account you can create as many blogs business as you want, without limits. Also not puts you limits what you can add, either in pictures or videos, while in other systems, you have some limitation either by the software itself itself or by the limitations of the accommodation of your blog.

But you also have their cons, and it is important to know them before you start. Against more important is that it is not your blog, the blog belongs to Google, and therefore Google makes you certain restrictions that you must strictly abide by if you want that your blog disappears from one day to the other Internet and without knowing why. It has happened to more than one person, suddenly found that their blog for three or four years ago no longer exists more. Blogger and Google has a number of restrictions on the page your content policy which is necessary and very important to always keep in mind and can be found in this page you this putting limits your freedom to do the blog, and you can thus avoid an ugly surprise.

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