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Engineering Energy

Ambient Impacts Claude Coast Daniela Teixeira Philip Cesar Jane D? villa Peter Belo Horizonte Luis 2009 Claude Coast Daniela Teixeira Philip Cesar Jane D? villa Peter Luis GEOTHERMAL ENERGY Ambient Impacts Work presented to disciplines Energy Resources, of the course of Ambient Engineering, the College of Engineering and Architecture of the FUMEC. Belo Horizonte 2009 Ambient Aspect X Ambient Impact Ambient Aspect can be defined as being the emission of any substance or resultant energy of an activity, product or service of an organization, capable to interact with the environment. Significant an ambient aspect is that one that has or can have significant an ambient impact. Already the Ambient Impact is a consequence or change in the physical, chemical or biological properties provoked in the environment, affecting negative or positively ‘ ‘ sade’ ‘ of existing the animal or vegetal species in this way. In relation to the impacts generated through the use of the geothermal energy, we perceive that it is lesser in relation to the other energies. As the use of the geothermal energy it is sufficiently regional its effect are well local with ambient noise and generation of dissolved gauzes, and these gases are set free for the atmosphere, together with the water vapor.

In the majority they are sulphureous gases (H2S), with ackward, corrosive odors and with harmful properties to the health human being. (SURROUNDING BRAZIL, 2009). It has the possibility of contamination of the water in the neighborhoods of a geothermal plant, due to nature mineralized of geothermal fluids and to the requirement of fluid disposal expenses. The free discharge of the liquid residues for the surface can result in the contamination of rivers, lakes, etc. When a great amount of fluid is removed of the land, it always has the possibility to occur one I shake, and in these places it must be injected water not to occur damages for the crust terrestrial.

Elimination Reports

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