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Site Promotion

To successfully promote your site in search engines need to understand the algorithm of their work. But the owners of search engines hard mask search algorithms. Filed under: Kaiser Family Foundation. How do you know how to operate search engines? Firstly, search engine did not appear out of nowhere. They were based on a set of previous developments in the field of information retrieval. Therefore, most of the basic principles contained in scientific papers, and search engines use them to their programs, introducing the amendment. Secondly, employees of search engines from time to time disclose details of the algorithms used in the promotion of sites on specialized forums and interviews. Finally, the experts engaged in promotion of web sites, talking on the forums, provide many useful tips.

Keep in mind that the rankings are a variety of factors, and studying the first sites in the issuance of any one of them, you can not define its desired options, not taking into account the effect of all other causes. In addition to the above, there is another method for determining the algorithm for site promotion – an experiment. You can write, for example, 10 different texts intensity of keywords and publish them on the new domains and then index to see which one is higher. It would seem that you have found a solution, but it is not so Since no one is promising that for different requests and different length of the text the optimal intensity of keywords must be equal. And when you consider the number of factors and the constant editing of an algorithm of search engines, then within a reasonable time to conduct an experiment that answers fixed problem with relatively high accuracy is almost impossible. At least from the fact that search engines can index up to two weeks, changes to the site, if not longer. As a result, we have to go back again to research.

Now some advice for novice researchers. Do not try to understand the algorithm once the entire process. Start with any one factor. Try to identify the total number of pages are those in which this factor is presented in the most pure form, ie, all other factors are most similar. For example, you are interested in the weight of a site on the PageRank algorithm to search for. How to exclude other factors? Find pages with very similar text (completely overlapping can not be that Google does not exclude one of them from the search). Select the text is a keyword that would be equally formalized in the two options contained in the same cell pages (title, text, meta tags). Word (or phrase) must be sufficiently rare to not have to search for pages with millions of others, but popular enough to eventually not have been issued only to those two pages. And so on a given query, and compare the position of the site in search results. The closer they will be, the less influence PageRank for this query. Repeat a similar search with a dozen other pairs of pages in order to eliminate random factors. When comparing the results obtained, as a rule, you will be able to come to the conclusion that how important a particular factor and when it is used.

Creating Websites

Let us imagine a situation: the guy has wanted to create a web site. We stress: you have great desire to, burns in desire to have your own Web site. But here is a problem. A small problem that does not deserve the attention: it is a novice and lacks almost all the knowledge needed to create a site. Neither lacks silver to pay for a specialist who believes this site as desired.

What can the guy do? Let the idea? No, no and no. So it is not bitter, it is worth to visit uCoz. What privacy policies? It is a free Internet platform that includes accommodation (hosting) and content management system (CMS). uCoz works based on the principles of Web 2.0 and allows you to create projects of maximum complexity and at the same time with exceptional speed. In addition, the process of creating the portal is very simple and the user does not require professional knowledge of programming.

Anyone who wants to have its own website dedicated to music, sports, anime, cartoons, hobby etc. always can count on this service. Here a question arises: how much is all this sumptuousness worth? Through this inform: the service is not worth a penny. But there may always be people who begins to doubt or suspect some zapatazo: does free? How is it? It may not be! La franca, not we want to play a pass to anyone, but that’s life: uCoz is free. But we live in this world full of sins: we also think of the benefit. That is why sites Gets the publicity and the copyright of uCoz. To remove it you have to pay. We continue: created a web site, you give the user 400 MB of free disk space. If you want to increase the space, it has to pay. For some, this space is sufficient, for others do not, because they are developing their project and require more space. This depends on each case separately. Let’s take a look at the procedure for creating a web. It is very difficult to imagine a thing that can be simpler. One can spend about 5 or 10 minutes and get a web site according to your taste. Suffice to fill your project with content, promote your project in the network and to develop step by step. uCoz offers plenty of prepared templates (default) that are selected by sections (topics). Do you want to create a site of music, cinema, games? Please! You can always find templates that are useful and necessary for your project. Are you fed up with these templates? By God, you can change the design without problems. Free modules. If the opinion matters to the user about your site, you can use guestbook. Do you want a blog or a forum? Without problems. Tests, surveys, statistical in brief terms there is everything what it takes for a site’s full value. You can add photos, video, news, articles, manage the Forum and all this without knowledge of programming languages. With this I would like to emphasise one thing: uCoz does not support PHP. PEAR for a newbie that doesn’t make any sense. He needs a service that can help you create a site and thus to realize his dream.

Rambler Avatar

Moreover, from a program aviki obtained too similar. I teach you’ll be on the basis of the usual template. If you do not have nor which version of the program, I advise you to buy it / find a friend. Yet we may find the following prog: Pineto (Paint), any Winamp (If you like listening to music while working), well, anything at hand – to eat (and even if the inspiration popret, even if the great famine to the refrigerator will go broke). Kaiser Family Foundations opinions are not widely known. 3.

What materials do avatar? Avatars are made of source. Sources, in our case, this picture, based on which will be created . Where do these sources? Nothing is easier – from what you have at your fingertips! Your (or your) pictures (they can be scanned), which desired wallpaper (no need to rip the walls, need the wallpaper that the desktop), skrinseyvy cartoons, movies or games kompovskih, has long been ready others’ avatars, which can be changed. From scanned images. Option – excellent, because the avatar is sure to be unique in all Runet. Although not very long. Indeed, to borrow your avku you forbid anyone can not.

But you can always make a new avatar. Use computer wallpapers. Wallpapers – this is the background on your desktop and in RuNet a lot of them-a lot. Yandex, Google, Rambler, etc. will give you a lot of sites with the wallpaper. But full-uniqueness is not necessary to hope, because it is the most trivial way.

Flash JQuery

Rare Web razrabtchik who met at the site of flash, remains indifferent to it. Stunning animated menus, stunning visuals, all this leaves the impression in the heart of every webmaster. Many probably rhinestones rush to learn ActionScript, but do not hurry, for all this magnificence lies some serious drawbacks. You've probably noticed that the most widely purchased in the flash banners and online players, but not in . The most serious drawback is that whether it's on the menu, flash, hat, content block or the whole site – it will never be indexed by search engines.

Search engine spiders simply ignore the contents of the tag object. Site created for flash makes sense, perhaps, in one case – flash version for the site to html, and even then, the pleasure is very questionable. Also, if you follow the news of the world of networking, you probably have repeatedly drawn attention on a very frequent reports about vulnerabilities in flash. But do not be upset. The team of foreign designers presented the world with JavScript framework jQuery. With jQuery, you can create an absolutely stunning visual effects. The advantages of jQuery is that you can create a site for interactivity, animation and effectiveness is comparable to the flash, with it being the html code spider friendly. In addition to all jQuery is easy to learn – all you need to know is the basics of JavScript and the selectors css.

But there is one "But" (as the same without him), in jQuery is not so developed a system to design graphics. I think there may be mentioned html 5. Over the html 5 working Opera, Mazilla and Apple since 2004. html 5, as stated, will contain a powerful api to work with two-dimensional graphics, built-in tools for working with audio and video and is expected to rival the Adobe Flash. At the moment, already has a version running on youtube html 5 and a social network using the Google wave also html5. All of the above is only for information sites. They did not quite appropriate, I believe, to use the flash. For a long time, there are browser-based online games, which use almost all features a flush. And navryatli html 5 will be able to immediately to give as powerful as a flash. But in any case, competition is good, come and choice. Let us return to the topic – what did I use? It all depends on the goals. If you want to create usual site with animation, which does not require complex calculations, it is jQuery. If you want to use the present complex operations with graphics, then at the moment is, of course, flash.

Domain Name

Find a word is very simple, it should come up with. 🙂 Here, for example, the word Google. Although it seems to already in the dictionary, where I had already heard it. The idea of creating the name of the second principle in Style Web 2.0, I think is crystal clear. 3. However, not all as easy as it might seem. Web 2.0 has a number of secret signs by which its adherents to know each other (yes, like the Masons).

Not knowing them, you'll never get in the box Web 2.0, there will not be accepted and will not take a worthy place. You must adopt their own, this already just looking at your domain name. Now I will reveal these hidden characters that are enclosed in the domain name. 😉 Name in the style of Web 2.0 should be a resounding, it must beat the 'Mosque'. But it should sound to be special.

Google – Web 2.0 is not even the name sounds. Allowed these types of sounding domain name in the style of Web 2.0: ends in a sound mix of 'err' or similar, for example, flicker; sounds in one breath, and the sound of 'organ', for example, wooohooo. Except Furthermore, if you really have no way to deviate from the dictionary, then your domain name should be produced unprecedented association. The domain name in a Web 2.0 should create in the mind, seeing his people, the images that do not exist, for example, violetapple.Trety principle of creating the name of Style Web 2.0 – a name that does not exist, a special set of sounds, unheard-of association and imagery. 4. It is not a principle, but some simple guidelines. But they are no less important than the three principles of Creation of the Domain Name in Style Web 2.0.Potratte time to concoct a few domain names in the style of Web 2.0 – will be from what vybrat.Proverte (no, not employment names) really is no such word. Open the paper dictionary, and look for your domain name in the style of Web 2.0. It turned out that this is a dirty curse word? Have to give up. Of course, if you do not live in Harlem and the Negro, if still living, and a nigger is a name that you want. It is true, it probably already taken your neighbors. Open Google and search for its name, it is possible that this is a slang word. Found? See previous punkt.Vot now, you can check the domain name to zanyatost.I finally, happy ending – the domain name registration. Congratulations, you are lucky enough to have domain name in the style of Web 2.0. And above all an original idea Web 2.0 project, with no idea of going nowhere. 🙂 PS: If the 'creative' you do not attend, then please visit the oscillator domain names in the style of Web 2.0. But it's better if you still visit the Muse Web 2.0 (not a 'creative'), avtosgenerirovannye names are not distinguished singular originality.

Et3 A Transportation Clean And Fast

The future of transport which, literally, represents the space travel on Earth will be transformed by ET3 (Evacuated Tube Transport Technology). This is definitely a new mode of clean, green transportation, fast, comfortable, safe, fast, and affordable. It is believed that these tubes of capsules will allow carrying out a transport either passengers or cargo from New York to Beijing in just 2 hours, which will be clearly a benefit to entrepreneurs, traders, exchange of product and for the planet since this technology has the advantage of not emit high levels of greenhouse gases. The system operates on capsules, each one of them is made of a lightweight material, which makes that only despite 180 kgs, which translates into Rails very cheap since they need to withstand less weight. In each capsule can travel up to 6 people, with a combined maximum weight of 367 kg. In total, implementing this system is 90% cheaper to make a track for high-speed trains and 75% cheaper to build a Highway.

The capsules are the size of 1.5 m (5) passenger cars in diameter and are located in magnetic levitation without friction tubes. The air is permanently extracted from tubes on two tracks that are built along a travel route. The air pockets in the stations allow transfer of capsules without admitting air. Linear electric motors accelerate capsules, which then carry them through the void for a trip without using additional energy. Most of the energy is regenerated so capsules can reduce the speed. The ET3 can offer 50 times more transport per kWh against electric cars or trains of these same characteristics.

They will initially build lines for interstate trips within the United States, and movements will have 600 km/h speed seek maximum, in a second stage to evolve the system up to international travel with a maximum speed of 6500 km/h, which would allow New York reaching Beijing in just two hours. This is one of the ideas that are intended to implement in terms of transportation to solve the problems caused by climate change, they also include the Eco-dirigibles and Superyate Exuma, which are innovative projects that protect the environment since its fuel consumption is minimal or use alternative energies. Main benefits of the ET3: quick * may go from NY to the in only 45 minutes. ** Estimated that a trip between Washington and Beijing can be made in approximately 2 hours. ** The capsules will travel at a speed of 350 mph at the local level and at 400 mph at the international level. CONVENIENT * trips are continuously, nonstop, without ratrasos. EFFICIENCY * low use of energy which are available. * Low consumption of resources and materials for Assembly and maintenance. ** The speed of 300 mph in addition to be possible for human beings is ideal for saving energy. CLEANING * is an ultra quiet transport mechanism. ** It is beneficial for the care and protection of the environment. * Works with some completely and alternative sustainable energy sources. SECURITY * in its design and conception there is no risk of collision between the capsules of passengers or cargo. * Protects from the weather and the climate changes. It is a possible IDEA * all the necessary equipment to build ET3 exists at the moment, especially the parts of the platform * the technologies involved are all individual and commercial use.


Looking for a long time. After going through the matches, toilet paper and bread, which has already touched its pernicious Advertising breath, they stopped at every familiar because of the extreme inconvenience in the use of classical tin opener Soviet times. The same one mass, with a wooden handle, which still lies on the the shelves of hardware stores. And no one, mind you, they do not advertise. Fix an annoying omission. So, as a "roll out" opener for cans? The first way – "Unicum". This product contains in its structure is something special, unique and surprising – the fruit of many years of hard cutting edge best minds in the world of science, discovery changed the world.

But nothing in the opener is not in sight, you will object. This is something just does not matter. Even the well, not. Nobody prideretsya. Suppose that in the same opener with wooden handle embodies the patented miracle formula sigma effect. Sounds? Sigma-effect is already being used in advertising washing powder? Not scary.

Change the letter of the word, let it be unique Epsilon technology. So, the key is made of tin-Epsilon's unique technology! I was always worried about the fate of alpha-carotene. And provitamin. Not "about vitamins," and "Provitamin" – one word. Anyway, these terms have anything but mean. Ceramide remember? A nanosomy? A proretinol, which is always somehow "A"? I'm not talking about soda, crumbs or trieffekte Sortie (they are now, by the way, the war – intensity of granules are struggling with turbo-crumbs), or on such masterpieces as microdermabrasion expert system.

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