Any inherent technological stages, and in particular food, the production – disinfection and cleaning. These two processes are closely related. Disinfectants used for disinfection of various surfaces and Prevention of infection by microbes food. Detergents are used to remove impurities of chemical origin. With the right as washing removes virtually 100% of dirt and bacteria. Follow disinfection bring that percentage up to 100%. Effective disinfectants must have low toxicity, broad spectrum antimicrobial activity, ease of use, versatility and long-term storage of concentrates and working solutions. There are some basic rules and criteria for the selection of disinfectants: 1.

Disinfectant must be corrosive (or slightly) low toxicity. Current disinfectant must not cause corrosion of metals and other damaging materials that are part of the equipment to maintain activity in the presence of organic substances, not to toxic and allergic effects. 2. Disinfectants should be of high quality, diverse and focused. The main objective for disinfectants – creating an effective, reliable protection from infections.

3. Disinfectant should be feasible. In the current economic conditions, reductions in the costs of industrial plants, food manufacturing, meat and dairy products, beverages itp, ceases sharply the question of cost and quality of disinfectants used to clean equipment. Typically, the best solution and the solution is to use multi-purpose cleaning and disinfectants. It is therefore necessary to choose fast, reliable and effective against yeast, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores. Detergent properties of disinfectants are to remove liquid and solid contaminants from the surface and transfer them to the washing liquid in the form of solutions. Detergent action is manifested in the complex processes of interaction of pollution, cleaning mediums and surfaces. The main phenomena determining detergent action, are the processes of physical and chemical adsorption, wetting, emulsification, foaming and stabilization. To obtain the desired effect of disinfection must be followed carefully prepare and use of disinfectants.

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