The Chakras

The human being is a trio of: body, soul and spirit. Thus, there is a mediator, who is the soul between the body and the spirit. The soul is dressed with a wonderful suit, called Astral body, which is a double body endowed with wonderful internal senses. Just as our physical body has 5 senses (sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch), the Astral body also has internal senses, called chakras or magnetic centers. The great clairvoyants tell us of seven main chakras, with which you can touch and feel the great realities of the higher worlds. These farms are seated in the Dorsal spine of the human being, and yet are not visible by the human eye to be these in the Astral body, if the information is for the true clairvoyants.

In general, the chakras in the human being, due to the current state of humanity, are asleep, however they are divinales powers. The chakras revolve positively from left to right, as the hands of a watch (watching the clock from the front). Each chakra has its respective mantras, and with these mantras can awaken the hidden powers of the chakras. In addition, to vocalize these mantras continuously, vortexes, the chakras, van by turning and you create new cells and tissues to always have a new organism. Mantram for the chakras can vocalize every day 30 minutes, being of great importance not to grow weary, but if being tenacious and constant, have faith and have a deep inner devotion. A strong hug. Original author and source of the article

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