Cuban Government

System of Government: put another example a person from Germany (who has lived all the) (life in their country and not had the opportunity to travel) knows a person coming from Cuba and considers the system of Government in his country way negative since your reference is news you see on television on the Cuban Government and its local environment (many of these news sometimes can be poorly focused and can highlight the negative). Another German (as if he had the opportunity to travel to Cuba and meet old Havana, Varadero and other tourist sites in Cuba) vera to this same Cuban in a different way since he had the opportunity to meet some Cuban people on the trip that I make (perhaps treated him very well) and also because it was able to discover the tourist attractions of Cuba and exchange views with people in that country about its GovernmentThis person (the German who met Cuba) not affect you much negative about the regime of Cuba news since already formed their own criteria to know Cuba. As we can appreciate the travel and learn about a particular destination has the ability to make our mind becomes more receptive accepting other points of view of people who have habits and ways of thinking different from us which helps us in a direct way to have our own judgment against our local environment or traditional communication media, we never try that the world is only the country where we live since if we think in this way we will be losing us much informationa good part of our life learning and ignoring our unique home that is planet Earth.

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