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Chronic Advances

Cycles of a life advances and retrocessions * Loureno Nistic Sanches Since the second half of the passed century, from the end of the ominous episode of 2 Great War, the world comes observing incredible alterations, and this if evidences in all the fields of science and in the different areas of the human knowledge. New discoveries appear in amazing rhythm, each quicker time, being enough to say that many of the apparatuses that we know, and that they meet disponibilizados in the market, when being finished its archetypes, these already meet obsolete, to the times even though before this! The technology at least exceeded barriers dreamed by our parents qui, until then, for we ourselves, and the communication takes the information with sound instantaneously and images of a extremity to the other of the globe in we timos of second. In the medicine amazing advances also if they verify and the longevity of the life of the human being was raised of surprising form, the same if it can perceive and feel, with regard to quality of life that the modern drugs and its treatments offer for to carriers of innumerable diseases, many of which today are curable or, the least, passveis of control without damage of day-by-day of the patient. He is fantastic to live and to be able to be part of this true wonder where if it constitutes the world of our days, but For us that we are part of the generation after war that one before mentioned we have that strengtheing in them, and very, to follow these changes and the new features that appear in one to blink of eyes, for not in feeling them true excluded. Ufaaa! We learn to deal with the personal computer each more sophisticated time and powerful, we have ours ' ' telephone of bolso' ' transmitting and receiving not only the voice as well as images I think about what Graham would say Bell to ' ' descobrir' ' until where its arrived invents, useless for many at the time where it was created; difficult to believe.

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