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Interior Doors: Paneled, Billboards, Massive

The main purpose of interior doors is a division of space inside the house or apartment. Each of us, of course, drew attention to the huge number of proposed models of interior doors. In this paper, we detail on the doors, which differ by the type of door leaf. Doors to design leaf divided into three main groups: – paneled doors – door panel – the massive doors. Interior doors panel doors with paneled doors by far the most popular type of door. Because of its frame structure, this type of door has a little weight and, moreover, it is possible the most a variety of architectural treatment panels. Leaf paneled doors are made of: – bars Strapping – intermediate bars (middle section) – panels, boards.

Bars form a binding cage doors, panels fill the space between the bars. When choosing interior doors should be aware that the strength of the door depending on the number or otherwise – intermediaries. However, it should be borne in mind that with an increase in intermediaries is increasing and the cost of the door. Panels are attached to sticks in special slots. There are various types of panels for attachment to the rail: – smooth panels – panels to the frame – pontoon panels – with layouts (embossed profiled rails). More one element of the panel doors may be skirting, ie protection board.

But it does not apply in all designs. Interior door panel door panel structurally consist of strapping frame, sticks and shields. Great influence the quality and durability of interior design has a door panel. The shield may be skeletal or solid. In the case of execution of the shield frame is a frame consisting of bars. To provide the necessary rigidity of the door structure at certain intervals placed bars stiffness. Bruschi stiffness do not give cave shield and lining. Characteristics of panel interior doors depends on the type of filling. The most simple and easy to fill a board which is made in the form of cavities like a honeycomb. The most severe filler material is particleboard. When using the DSP internal doors more durable and soundproof. Such doors can be painted, decorated with laminate or veneer. Interior doors are massive massive doors are doors made from the same piece of material and the entire width. Material for this type of door is the natural wood. The doors of the array can be the following: – doors are made of one piece of wood – the doors of laminated array. On today is a growing second type – the doors of laminated array. Glued array – is connected blocks of wood placed layers. To protect against the strain rods are selected so that the direction of fibers in each layer was different. Quality interior doors from the array is determined by: – drying time and technology – technology plywood array – the material and quality coverage. For the manufacture of interior doors from the array is used the following species: solid oak, mahogany, ash array, an array of beech and walnut and a few others. Each of these types of wood has its own characteristics and properties. In practice, the most popular are the doors of solid oak, thanks to its qualities: durability and reliability, as well as the color of the surface.

Finnish Doors

The market is vast interior doors, but doors ALAVUS stand out, standing out from the wide range of interior doors. Finnish technology manufacturing doors, honed over decades, led to believe in what velikoleptny design, perfect quality, low price, it can be combined into one door. Therefore, the owners of small apartments, luxury apartments, the owners of offices, bars, museums and cinemas administrators for several years now stand in a queue, choosing the Finnish wood doors ALAVUS. Before choosing a new door is necessary to consider its functional identity. So, the door to the kitchen or the hall is often performed with glass inserts, and in the bathroom and the bedroom door put the deaf.

But the variety of assortment of interior doors suggests that the bedroom door can be supplied with, for example, with frosted glass. This translucent doors allow natural light to penetrate into dark corridor and in the evening or night-lighted candle will add mystery to the atmosphere apartment. Doors from the Finnish ALAVUS demand for its classic white design. White – a kind of brand Finnish doors, and not surprised that white door can be made of very very non-white material, such as pine. White color door can be easily transformed into any other color. Finnish technology from Tikkurila (the famous manufacturer of paint and varnish coatings) will paint the doors of ALAVUS a favorite color. This painting will be one-off – the paint over time does not peel.

Will only make sense in the painting, because the white color is universal and suited to any interior. Wide range of door furniture (locks, handles) attached to the completeness of the interior design. If the apartment is worth all the doors Finnish ALAVUS, it makes sense to purchase a range of accessories, even such a trifle as the doorknob, can add to the interior solidity or ethnicity, modernity and classicism. The choice of hardware depends on whether this door is lockable or not. Finnish interior doors yet factory-equipped with a standard lock-latch with the so-called key-Pinocchio, suitable for all locks of this type. In the absence of desire to use a lock with a key just priboretaetsya More cover, covering the hole. At the door to the bathrooms or toilets usually cost knobs with beacons "busy-free." In a word, ALAVUS provides ample opportunities to experiment on your own interior. When using materials article link to a site. adv-trade.ru required.

Traditional Italian

Very diverse and the materials from which modern manufacturers arched interior doors are made to order. Significant widely arched wooden doors, made from pine, beech, oak, we emphasize that these arches are intended for indoor installation. Along with the traditional, for the manufacture of arched doors and used modern materials, such as such as aluminum profiles and plastic. Deserve special attention relatively recently appeared on the market, arched doorways, delivered unassembled in a kit consisting of four pillars, two arches, panels for columns and arches, and decorative locks. These kits are designed for installation above the door or window opening rectangular formy.Arochnye door style "shabby chic" more relevant in recent times uses a particular style of interior decoration, called shabby chic, or "shabby chic". Featuring a special originality and some paradoxical, this style involves decorating furniture and other items the room so that they gave the impression of ancient, untouched by time. The effect of depreciation in this case can be natural or achieved by means of forced, artificial, aging of. Shabby chik requires compliance with several regulations in the interior design.

Thus, in the room must present a lot of fine detail, look in tune with that natural, natural forms, in the color decision interior should be used soft, pastel colors. Welcome diversity fixtures, design of which must be an old-fashioned, and finally, the design of the premises to be used all sorts of vintage objects. Unusually harmonious in the house is decorated in the style of "shabby chic" look arched doors, antique-styled by applying certain techniques and relevant elements of the decor. Modern Manufacturers and suppliers of interior doors in order operates manufacturing arch designs perfectly blends into the interior of the house in the style of "shabby chic" and creating a home warm and cozy atmosphere of the "old grandmother's house. "Italian arched doors: the unity of tradition and modern technology particularly successful in the manufacture of arched doors have reached the producers of Italy. Their product combines many benefits that are appreciated by consumers. First and foremost it should be noted Italian manufacturing tradition of arched doors. Some companies carry out their activities for several decades; it is obvious that for such a long time, manufacturers have managed to acquire vast experience in manufacturing elite Italian doors, to develop unique manufacturing technologies, which are the basis of excellent functional and aesthetic properties of finished products.

Traditional Italian approach can recognize and use raw materials of exceptionally high quality – in particular, the valuable wood, providing exceptional reliability, durability and beauty of the elite Italian doors. Masters from Italy, keeping the tradition, remember, and the need to keep abreast of modern technology. Arched door manufactured manufacturers of the peninsula, has a superb appearance, often reflecting the latest trends in interior design. In the production of doors uses advanced technology and special methods of processing raw materials, the following highly artistic engraving glass, used leather inserts and much more.

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