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Corps School

Restyling and not just at first glance it seems that creators 'Katran – 460' repeated corpus 'Rainbow-41' in the glass just one to one. In many respects this is true, and yet in the original draft had a number of changes that may seem minor, but nonetheless, pursue a definite goal. By itself, the concept of lines and basic control of the theoretical dimensions of the drawing by the same. We recall that Yuri Zimin developed its project in the years when the experiments with 'nonstandard' contours remain largely the prerogative of samodelschikov. Contours of the type 'kafedral' attracted designer as its driving characteristics and high technology the production of affordable housing from the ground while domestic craftsmen material – plywood. Formally 'kafedral' can be attributed to the tri-, although side sponsons are relatively small compared with the actual housing and markedly elevated relative to the keel line – rather it is developed bilge spray. One important element of contours 'Rainbow-41' was quite wide (which occupied almost half the width of the Corps School) Bottom moderate compared to the actual hull deadrise (7.5 to 18 ).

Since the power of today's outboards are not limited to modest quantities in the 20-30 hp, designers 'Qatran' much of its Sause, sacrificing buoyancy in favor of more benign course with excitement. Become narrower ski protrudes from the bottom of the high 'step', the side faces which prevent slippage Corps in sharp turns. Housing some 'grown up' in length (primarily due to the speakers crinolines), slightly increased height of the board.

SHO Kits

A beam of light emitted provides better geometry of the light needed for safe driving in extreme conditions. Lamp bulb is not loose. Operating temperature range make it possible to use biksenona kits, xenon in the extreme heat and cold. Xenon and Bi-Xenon kits SHO-ME are divided into 3 types, this SHO-ME, SHO-ME Super Slim and SHO-ME Profi. SHO-ME is a suite for all types of vehicles, they have good reliability and ease of installation. Have a wide range of operating temperatures. For bi-xenon lamps used its patented technology to switch the focus under the title 'bimagnit-solenoid'. This ensures a long service life bi-xenon lamp.

SHO-ME Super Slim High-voltage portion of a SHO-ME Super Slim moved to separate block, filled with compound. The tiny size of xenon SHO-ME Super Slim makes it possible to block the installation of ignition anywhere. Characterized by high stability, self ignition of xenon lamps, no flicker. SHO-ME Profi Blocks are much safer and stronger. Changed the filling and sealing quality of the "compound" – now completely blocks are not afraid of humidity and dampness. Circuit is endowed with an intelligent and very fast processor, due to which the ignition time decreased threefold, and the opportunity without any problems flashing lights. And most importantly! Developed a completely new and unique in its kind type of bogus embedded in blocks of kits xenon SHO-ME Profi.

This is dummy 3 generation! Accordingly, there will be no problems with the installation and connection. And you can be sure that the xenon light you will earn! All kits SHO-ME comes with lamps PhXenon manufactured under license by philips, which gives even greater confidence in the reliability. And in the end we get a high quality, unpretentious and reliable Xenon Xenon SHO-ME is very good solution in terms of price and quality.


Of course, you can put a makeshift exhaust ventilation or keep the doors open, but Then within a few meters from your garage leaves wither, and the ground covered with brown spots, and it can see the neighbors. Still, better to do chrome plating in compliance with sanitary and building regulations labor protection, pre-learned about the conditions of a supervisory permission for the site chromium in selected industrial site. Typically, the initial organizational phase place manufacturing locations are not given special priority. However, local health rules define not only the cost of complex equipment galvanic plot, but in principle the possibility of building the latter. Once we have received a request for construction of the chrome pipes up to 6m in Sochi. At a resort, not one sanatorium near which ses would permit large-scale deployment chrome.

Conclusion: We must start not with the choice of equipment, and with the choice of manufacturing space. How much is the equipment for decorative chrome plating? Equipment section for small-scale production of protective and decorative coatings with chromium-plated hardware is standard and includes the following items: bath, heating elements, power sources, filtration systems, installation of water demineralization, local and general ventilation, plumbing and sewerage. Go to accessories include grinding and polishing machines and apparatus sandblasting. Galvanic equipment market offers a wide range of products such as Russian and foreign production. Equipment can be purchased as the individual components, or in combination with one supplier. Weighty piece of equipment can be made within the infrastructure metal production, which will benefit about half its market value.


A quality paint the car – no simple matter, requiring a minimum of plodding freshman and as a consequence, the experience of a professional. Is it possible to paint a car with no experience? Everything is possible, most importantly the desire and focus on results, and for greater effectiveness of your actions, I will tell you the technology to paint a car. The first thing to assess the damage caused to your car, in consequence of an accident, or in consequence of the impact Corrosion on your car, or in consequence of some other kind of irreversible force. Then you need to understand whether you can modify your car for the better or best to seek professional help. There are also two wonderful options: you can reverse your car into a "miracle tractor" to give or simply rent it for scrap. If you choose one of "two wonderful choices," that sense to continue reading this article you do not.

But for others, turn to technology for painting. Painting the car can be divided into three stages. The first phase of "preparatory" second "painting" and third "finish". We now consider each of them in more detail. We begin with "Preparatory phase". The first thing to wash a car with good car shampoo to wash off all dirt from the machine. If, after washing in the field of further staining remained what that stain, such as bitumen, they is removed by vayspirita or solvent. Continue to treat the surface for further staining abrasive paper or cloth in the people speak.

Navitel Navigator

The current world around changes regularly. It can touch and improve the speed of life, and create a significant number of new developments. Moreover, these changes take place virtually every time, and in order to stay on the surface, you must always stay abreast of all new products, especially useful to track one of them. Since only the application of modern advances in power to ensure the life of every one of us the most convenient and efficient. For each type of activity really significant time to acquire a valuable collection of information. As new items provide an opportunity to streamline work and improve any sort of activity. K Incidentally, for fans of travel is very valuable technologies such as car navigator. Of course, because the gps navigators guarantee the possibility of any topographic point accurately recognize a private placement and in addition just find the route.

So, we only use high quality gps navigator to never get lost, even in space, where you personally were not previously. Today gps navigation systems embody the best tool for orientation in unfamiliar positions, even in strange towns and states. Moreover, gps navigation systems provide the chance to chart its route and thereby save his spare time travel in unfamiliar places. Just because the majority of motorists who go beyond the areas studied the best solution – this is the map for the navigator garmin free. While many the current browser is not counting the actual maps in the state, including options and a full cast names of streets, as well as changes in the movement, respectively, the selected direction. In the situation of moving on city streets, when you need to navigate to the pace, staying in the direct flow of cars, such opportunities are very effective. In addition, some navigation systems provide opportunity not only to correct the movement, to determine the location of the vehicle or pedestrian, to advise the best way of motion, but also provide a means of wasting time, liberated – by the way, in traffic jam or stop using the browser actually watch the movie. So that in whatever position and in any place you want to feel like at home, Navitel Navigator for free – a great option. Say, modern navigation devices, when used correctly and connected only branded cards, will serve for many years, and will not provide any sort of difficulties. In addition, before the user navigation system there is a huge world around, where you can quickly and easily navigate.

Comprehensive Revision

vaz 2107 – that car that is destined to go regularly for revisions. If among the cars awarded Prize "Tuning in 2009, arguing – that Lada would have won this title? And not because without the proper tuning not the fate of the car had a good ride on the Russian potholes. And because we like our domestic motorists to modify the wha again and again. Do you think that tuning the wha is limited to light external design elements? Not at all! All minor flaws motorists manage to eliminate themselves, whether it is regulation of the wiper and the magnetic locking glove compartment, reinforced suspension, installation of electric drive for boot or "oh, a" carburetor for the wha 2107. Put to the finalization of the wha classic soul and a bit of personal pride, and get a nice styling of individual items to your favorite foreign car. Take, for example, the optics. Color purple – trend in 2009, and that's headlights can tune up your fashionable shades today thanks to ubiquitous xenon.

Another interesting variant of vaz Tuning – Set-quality (stress the word!) Fog lamps. General vaz 2107 owners have a lot of bad words to say about buying Chinese protivotumanok who do not pass the test of time: the glass burst from the heat or light pressure, reflectors transiently dark, etc. But one of the most resourceful motorists found the quality polish lights wesem, whose price was more than affordable. Want to know where and how? Welcome to the website vaz 2107. An important aspect of tuning vaz – Finalization of the driver's seat. How many minutes is the most unpleasant chair is able to deliver to his master, the pedestrians themselves do not even represent. Especially if the machine is inherited from the previous owner.

So, the "guru" of tuning the wha with foam, a piece of felt and glue "Moment" can make a miracle and make the driver's seat once again the most comfortable. And lastly, what would like to mention in the article devoted to finalizing the wha classics – the fight with the engine sound effect. In this case, should help to install hydraulic lifters. It is noticed that the cars after the global tuning is much less likely to grieve their owners breakdowns. So if you have broken the wha repair it, and then immediately – tuning, tuning and more time tuning!

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