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Garbage Refrigerator

Have you such that opening the closet, you realize with horror that new things have no place to put? Sound familiar, does not it? Being in this situation, I once decided to conduct an audit. Reviewed and all realized that more than half the things I'm hardly going to wear. To do with them? Throw just so sorry. Educate yourself with thoughts from Redmi. Need to give it to someone else – it's the first thing that comes to mind. But my friends, my size does not fit.

Collected all in bags and so left everything to lie to the best of times. Forces on it, to bring them somewhere just not enough. My enthusiasm quickly vanished. And how much almost every one of us is old technology? Refrigerators, washing machines, which have long obsolete, old mobile phones? Where do all of this? But most interestingly, there are also people who have it may be necessary. Really need. At one time I myself was looking for an old refrigerator. So wanted independence, and Here she cherished a rented apartment! True flat empty, with absolutely no furniture.

And from my personal belongings except the clothes at the time was only a basin for washing. They needed a bed, at least one chair, a refrigerator. While I do not refused to and from the washing machine, and on many household items. Buy it all if it was not realistic for me. Had to advertise in the newspaper. Announcement came after a week, two weeks later found the same welcome refrigerator. They found good people, thank you! Refrigerator visor, he still regularly works, though buzzing, no example of how new, and severe frosts. But it is important to begin to his farm a young girl? Obtained in some cases, we can not get rid of things, but in other cases, the old things we need ourselves! And there are a lot of things. This can be furniture – cabinets, sofas, suites. Surely nearly every house dusts books, and thus does not is the time to assign them to the secondhand shop. Children's clothes, from which children grow up so fast. But you never know what? Have you ever thought about what his passing other things, you greatly reduce the waste that must be process. But there are so relevant and popular idea of a rational expenditure of natural resources rarely seen today with the students, collecting paper for recycling. And it is our consciousness is still far from being able to get to the point receiving recyclable materials. A pity.


Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the workers of the coal industry with the Miner's Day. In his message to the head of state, in particular, said: "Today we honor the brave people whose hard work – bail the actual development of the Russian economy. You give life to our industry, brings light and warmth in the homes of Russians. Your serious, dangerous and honorable profession requires individuals maximum restraint and self-sacrifice, and often – courage and true dedication. " And he went ember selective piped to the surface. Remembers all the wizard rock, as if only survived yesterday. Mine That it is more expensive this mine since childhood home? Again, a good man Falls into his face Tomorrow, as yesterday, the coal to the surface will be served as is, miners.

Work, very hard, work that not everyone on the shoulder, against the grain, the enthusiasm. Without the miners – not. Congratulations, my friends, with your holiday, Happy your light. Let everywhere and always turn to the fate you face only the Privetnoye. Source: dear friends! I heartily congratulate you on your professional holiday – Day of the miner! The coal mining industry has been and remains one of the defining industry of the Southern Urals. You – the representatives of a difficult profession, and even made no easier still your incredibly hard, risky work. Today, in a number of enterprises and entire industries, that after the crisis rose to his feet, earn a profit. I am sure that mining companies firmly occupy a niche in the modern economic structure, update the technical basis, will work for the future – to introduce new technology and raise the profitability of coal production.

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