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The House

“One day you would accept! , And hey tom told me that if I invite you to see the house this afternoon, there will be a party and we will play, tom said you wanted to see us play. “Yes, yes I will go and do not want to see you play, but the rest yes. “Ouch, again almost hurts me but then we are pretty – he laughed again, I did not say anything, I call bruce, your Beagle, and left. If you are not convinced, visit Redmi. “I call you angel thingy” I told him my dog and she barked – Hours go, let’s get ready to party? We will be beautiful for the party and tom-I laughed to myself .- Geri also call to order for this to Doug. Chapter 6 Get to my house to take a quick shower and get clothes inda to wear, I wore a yellow dress with a detail very nice and a black jacket, my hair and my makeup, I could not leave little angel here at home alone and I decided I would take I do not think Tom is upset, but still call him to tell and told me to bring her no more. I got home was very nice, did not know that Tom was a boy a lot of money, ring the doorbell and I opened a girl, she looked very sweet..

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