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Geography Professor

Many times, if do not have necessity of if modifying or mainly adapting the equipment for the pupils with deficiency, since he would be relatively onerous, for schools of public Basic Ensino. However, it is paper of the professor to choose the OA criteriosamente adjusted, taking in consideration these and other aspects: ) It translates the text in said language; b) It possesss written text and/or pounds; c) He possesss good interface visually and/or high contrast 4,4 – Lines of direction for the methodology Each professor uses the OA in different ways in classroom, however, when to use and what more to use he must be basic questionings in the daily routine of the professor who if puts in charge to use them in classroom. Without embargo, the learning objects can be used as element before, during or to the end of a logical sequncia of contents given for the professor of Geography. How much to the beginning, the OA can be applied as form of the pupil to know initially what it will be given. The pupil will be able to follow the object and to identify, in fichamento form, the main ideas for it observed. When applied in the development or end of the given content, the professor of Geography can relate the concepts with the reality of the pupil and the contents previously studied.

The Object of learning can be used in several lessons of geography, independent of the subject that is being boarded. The important one is that it is well chosen, that is part of the content given in the lessons and that thus can be a tool to assist in the learning. 4.5Como to evaluate? The evaluation is the stage that closes the application of an object in classroom. It can be carried through by means of drawings that consider the understanding of the pupil on the contents worked in classroom and the laboratory of computer science; by means of summaries, summaries, fichamentos, or even though the conclusion of a possible present frequent exercise in proper objects of learning.

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