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RC Cars

Almost all we know, as might be meager range of toys during our childhood. Cars and Bears released on typical cliches, and accordingly all, without exception, were able to play only one toy. AND enough can remember how much like at least five minutes to mess with the bounce from abroad neighbor's kid a toy – a real Barbie or Ken, or the very first cars to the remote control, attached simple entry to the actual machine. Today, children do not need to look at the neighbors, because the choice of toys so high that everyone can choose something, anything others can only envy. Here are today's radio-controlled cars are still enticed everyone's attention, and very often children will not rest until I will find a desired model.

And this explained easily. The model with the radio – this version hit the adult world. On a real car or buggy ride even impossible – but you can manage a modest modelka that on external characteristics not in any way different from the large version. Therefore, in our time convenient to buy radio controlled models. Once buy a lot of robots, or helicopter, and you in the next couple of years have a bunch of gifts for all without exceptions rebyatni familiar. From this gift will not give up, including adults.

When you have a cottage, who do not have to taste, relaxing in a hammock, easily controlled helicopter in a cloudless sky overhead. Daniel E Straus might disagree with that approach. Any RC helicopters will spend their free time available efficiently, instead of lying down in front of mindless TV screen. Far better to think of air traffic and improve eye than drink up strong drinks with friends. Joyful of all, that currently meets on radio is all – the robots and the cats, armored cars, buggies and ambulances, boats and airplanes. So, why would not lay your heart, or who would subsequently not wish to become your child, you have the opportunity to select the radio-controlled toy to taste, and in full accordance with the theme of the game you want to play. Role-playing – this way develop skills and develop your mind. Modern civilization is too tightly stuck to the television and computer monitors, it's time to get away from it and do something more active. What kind of parent would not want to be kid does not mess up your vision for your computer, and playing outdoors. Indeed, many children do not represent how much fun can be in the fresh air. Toys with radio able to contribute to them is realize, and at the same time give a lot of happiness and joy of communication with peers.


Drawings can go on a hot day easy on the eyes. At the site during a walk educator uses sand, snow, to show the image familiar objects. Stick, drawing a house, a doll, he says: "In the house lived a doll Katia. On this track (draws a line), she went for a walk. " Obtained as a picture-story. Turning to the children, he asks: "Who did Kate walks, who still lives in the house? "then proposes to build near the big house.

"In this house, the children will live," – says the teacher draws a large building and with children "come into the house." The drawings are not only enrich the game children, they contribute to the development of their orientation in space, helping to learn to compare images of objects by size: small house for a small doll, great – great for dolls, etc. At the request of the children and themselves can carry out simple drawings in the sand on the snow (of lines, simple shapes). You can use flanelegraf for examining existing forms and silhouettes. In winter, children draw on the snow. To do this, take a few plastic bottles in the lid makes a small hole, pour into bottles tinted water (eg, yellow, red and blue). Now, these bottles can be watered snow, colored spots are obtained, which, mingling with each other, will give new color.

It is better to draw on the trampled snow, but not on the loose. By the way, this multi-colored snow, you can sculpt colored snowballs. The process of painting, sculpture, folding completed forms should occur in the "co-creation" educator of children, cause them to desire to imitate the actions of an adult. Actions of this nature are a kind of preparatory phase for employment of children in drawing, modeling, application for the following age levels in 2-3 years, a baby begins to pay attention to the shade.

OpenID Influence

This article aims to introduce, discuss and analyze the topic of social networking. In particular, we discuss the impact social networking site for OpenID today's society. VKontakte was a phenomenal thing for social networks, and that is so amazing that OpenID did not exist until 2006. A student of St. Petersburg University created it to allow other students to network communicate with each other, and he gathered all young people around the world. What is the impact on OpenID technologically advanced modern society? This allows people who probably would never have met each other personally – to communicate.

It is given birth new relationships and friendships. But the distance between people who are able to communicate in person, but instead decided to communicate on the Internet. This is just another element of society that is interested in exchanging information of intimacy, personal life. VKontakte is nothing more than a vehicle for communication, yet, but it's still a lot more than just communication. At first glance, you can learn everything from what the sex of the user OpenID, to information what religions believe users that they attend school, and their likes and dislikes, just one click.

According to experts, many people now spend at least 50 percent of their waking hours on-line time (Fabian, 2008). For many people, most of that time spent on social networking sites like OpenID. People put a huge part of their personal lives when they leave their feelings, interests and ideas on the web. And the society, seems to be becoming more open to the lack of privacy, in fact, users of OpenID seems to be content with this, adding a very personal and very intimate things in their profiles, that anyone who becomes their another, you can view these things. So it seems that our society has become more open now, and it became much more open to accommodate intimate information on the Internet, but rather anonymous in the fact that users never see, does not occur, and do not touch face to face, they just talk. And so even if they know the intimate details, they do not really know a man in every detail. According to "Fabian" 'OpenID and classmates is a virtual experience and people are free to be someone. Expert assessment does not exist. You literally do not touch anyone – not even smile, let alone a handshake. No one is subordinate to no one. And so on '(Fabian, 2008). Thus, OpenID is a kind of 'fantastic world, where people can do anything they want to control attention, they can live an alternative life, if they choose, and no know. The fact that people take these profiles at face value, and choose people as friends, based on these profiles, says a lot about our society. For all our worries about the information and identity theft, people yet it would seem naive when it comes to sites like OpenID, where they post intimate details are not up to the consequences. In conclusion, OpenID on the surface network socially acceptable – a site for students and other community to exchange experiences and to catch up with old friends. He says some disturbing things about how our society looks at privacy, personal information, and how our society adapts to an era of high technology, and this casts doubt on that generation Vkontakterov will have to deal with the problems of the real world in the face, such as career, family and success.

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