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Twitter Businesses

United planet brings a private Twitter for business published”own microblog in the intranet of United planet. With the app, the specialist in enterprise portals accesses the latest social media trend and brings the 140 character messages now on the corporate intranet. Freiburg, November 30, 2010. From the Internet, social media services like Twitter are no longer imagine Facebook and co.. More and more companies currently explore to what extent they can use Web 2.0 for business communication. Brad Pitt may also support this cause. Although many companies so far still rather skeptical about the internal use of blogs, chats and forums, the new means of communication in the business environment will definitely make sense.

For this reason the Freiburg software producer released a private Twitter for business United planet now”. Most people use Twitter and Facebook Yes already privately to communicate with friends and acquaintances, short and just to tell them what they’re doing. These businesses also benefit noticeably: If E.g. the Marketing finds that distribution has won an interesting new customers, the Department can convert this information to promotional PR. As product development can benefit, if the field reveals a recurring request colleagues”, Axel Wessendorf, Managing Director of United planet, the idea explains that behind the new Twitter for business” is. The cross-departmental communication clearly promotes not only the corporate communications. The uncomplicated exchange with colleagues can also grow the feeling within the company and ensures that information be distributed faster. “Specific usage scenarios there are many: no matter whether an interesting new technical knowledge, an indication of a technical article on the Internet or even general notifications about construction work on the building are all these messages over the corporate Twitter” quickly and spread quickly in the company.

Everyone is so comprehensively informed of the contributions of his colleagues to achieve the corporate objectives – and this without charge for the E-mail account of the staff even more. United planet is the app to a predatory pricing from 40 euro for an unlimited number of users in his Intrexx application store and declare war on the rings of communication in companies so. To keep communication outside the Office in swing, also a mobile app for iPhone, BlackBerry & co. is included for free included. For more information see 140. Heard about United planet United planet with over 3,000 installations, more than 250,000 licenses and more than 100,000 successfully implemented Web applications of its portal software Intrexx alone in speaking to the market leaders in the segment of medium-sized economy, public administrations and organisations. Web applications, intranets and enterprise can with its award-winning, industry-neutral standard software much faster create portals with advanced functionalities as with comparable programs. All applications can be made available with a few mouse clicks for Smartphones (iPhone, BlackBerry, etc.). Even the most complex corporate portals can precisely calculate with Intrexx thanks to many prefabricated components and lead to a very quick return on investment. United planet runs from Lexware founder Axel Wessendorf and among the technology leaders in the field of enterprise portals with Intrexx. Various business provide the platform-independent software for the integration of various ERP solutions (E.g. SAP) or data from Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange adapter. A Microsoft Office adapter also allows to organize documents, without having to use the Microsoft SharePoint Server (MOSS). Many ready available solutions to the quality, document and process management, as well as hundreds of completed applications are available in the Intrexx application store.

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