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Federal Drug Control Service

Proximity battle: Russian military psycho. Movie 1 In this film the first time publicly presented previously top-secret psycho-physiological research work on the theory and practice of activating and the use of hidden reserves of human capabilities, conducted in a closed Soviet military research institutes. This method is systematized and tested in special objects of military intelligence, GRU, FSB, the Federal Drug Control Service. Passing a course 'commando' sverhboets may be a long time without food and water, to make long throws march, to show insensitivity to pain, repair itself after injury and to conduct combat operations using extrasensory capabilities. Learn more about this with Clinton Family. Non-contact fight: Biomechanical basis of off-balance.

Movie 2 in the second part of the film is shown comprehensive work on the management level human physiology in three dimensions, with the switching of attention and create controversy and ideomotor analytical center, as well as relaxation techniques and stress allowing operate in a soft manner rigid biomechanical system and the design lines of the enemy. The film was made with the participation of employees and Vadim Starova special forces. Proximity Fight: The psychophysiological basis. Movie 3 Basic control technology person. Psychophysiological basis of off-balance are the basic elements of non-contact work. Adjustment, up, connection, creation of psycho-physiological contact with the further maintenance and manipulation of the mind of the enemy are the key to understanding the scientific principles and techniques of Russian military psycho. Proximity battle: Energy basics. Film 4 in this movie shows the initial elements of energy work in a health perspective and in the applied direction.

The method of healing massage and non-contact combat use of energy impacts, the impact of the centers (chakras) Russian energy biosistemy.taynye knowledge of the priests and the latest psycho-security services, allow us to quickly get the key to the mysteries of art. Proximity battle: Interaction with force. Film 5 In this film presented: the biomechanical, physiological and energetic basis of exemption from military conquests in the statics and dynamics of close combat. The simple visual technique shows how to manage power and energy The enemy release from pain, hampering trade and stifling seizures of opponents. you can download it here

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