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The Globe

Brazilian magazine of Education, Rio De Janeiro, n.27, p.183-191, set. /out.nov. /dez. 2004. FISCHMANN, Roseli. Schools op.

Cit. It has innumerable substances in the media printed and electronics on religious education in the public schools and the universities. For example: MARTINS, Elisa; FRANCE, Valria. Rosinha against Darwin: Government of Rio De Janeiro instituted lessons that question the evolution of the species. Magazine Time, Rio De Janeiro, N.

314, 24 May, 2002. MINC, Carlos. They only lack to the inquisition and the oil fervente. The Globe, Rio De Janeiro, 01 April, 2005. PEAR TREE, Aldo. Theocratic subversion. Leaf of So Paulo, So Paulo, 04 ten. 2006. FISCHMANN, Roseli. Threat to the lay State. Leaf of So Paulo, 14 nov. 2006. Editorial. Religion and State. Leaf of So Paulo, 15 May, 2004. xi Inside of the one until presented here, we can verify the impossibility of existence of a Brazilian lay State, that refuses to breach it with the hegemonismo of the Church Catholic and that it creates factual conditions for the existence of a religious multiplicity, counting that they meet inside of sanitary and moral principles, on an excuse of an inexistent religious freedom and that it is forged through the alienation of the society. RELIGIOUS FREEDOM ' ' The religious freedom traditionally was defined as a negative right, That is, a right whose essence is the exclusion of state intervention in its joy, with the creation of an environment of autonomy for the titular citizen. Outrossim, while right (almost in all jurisdictions) of constitutional court of appeals, the religious freedom constitutes one equally ' ' legal-moral&#039 commitment; ' of the State, that does not have to only respect (negative) the right of the citizens and the collectives of citizens, but also as princpio.' ' xi When taking the definition as above correct, already we will find in them in a way without return where is established the obligatoriness of all and any citizen professes a religion.

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