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The process of organizing the home photostudio. Digital Photography we all know, there are camera film – a classic technique and there are digital cameras – the future of photography. Comparing 'film photography' and 'digital photograph 'is easy to see that something, and another – photo. But if the first – a photograph on the film, the second – photography without film 'digitally'. The principal difference between digital cameras from film lies in the fact that image is stored not on the film, and in the camera memory in otsifrovonnom form.

It turns out this way: light passing through the lens of a digital camera, falls on a matrix of photosensitive elements, which submit electronic signals. The received signals are processed by a microprocessor and converted to digital form. Traditional analog picture has its supporters, its market. It is much cheaper, and hence – more available. But to date, the traditional photo printing has already exhausted its resources and, therefore, if we want to move on, that digital technology and the Internet will give us more opportunities to work with photographic image. Pros: No need to show a film, no need to print pictures, then to throw out the ones that did not work – all visible at once. Digital photography has more and stronger film. Minus: For good quality to more elements of the matrix, as well as a large memory card that directly affects the cost. Another thing, if we take with a digital camera. Along with him captured and compact mobile photo printer with a set of photo paper.

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