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Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

Three assumptions: E. Salov from the Communists, E. Cooack of farmers and industrialists from Cheskidov II. Then disbanded "Industrial Party" and "Agrarian Party." They merged with the Moscow leadership of "United Russia", inviting its members to do the same. However, the rank and file party members on the ground have decided differently. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Adroll Marketing Platform. And if farmers in the State Council to take "United Russia", the representatives of the Industrial Party found it impossible to deceive the hopes of the voters do not vote for United Russia.

Only one IV Cheskidov joined the "United Russia", while the remaining five formed a parliamentary group "Fair Russia". But, having Cheskidova in their ranks, United Russia refused to hand over committee to whom he should be granted, according to the will of the voters. And, despite repeated requests by the parliamentary group "Fair Russia", it was left without a representative, working on a permanent basis. And it's practically deprive the group to work effectively. At the previous session the MPs supported the candidacy of Committee on Legislation United Russia A. Osokin for the Commissioner for Human Rights in Adygea.

Immediately at the end of the session was thrown to nominate for the vacant post of deputy Osokina, edinorossku as G. Orlov. And, contrary to the requirements of the Communists and spravedrossov to consult on these issues and implement the agreement on the distribution of the committees between the factions, the majority decision in a lightning order appointment. And then they decided to press even more opposition to the State Council. And this decision is not fulfilled without grace. Not without grace thimblerigger manipulates the ball. Though it should be noted United Russia that were not pioneers techniques "punching" the right decision by the State Council. The tradition stretches from the time of the Communist Party, and when she Dzharimove was perfected. Representatives of the ruling party have decided that to reduce the post of deputy chairman of the committee on law, which has the largest amount of work at a time when several other committees, with two permanent employees (United Russia), in the year are prepared not more than one or two bills. That's 12 people on the opposition (out of 54 deputies) to the State Council of the Republic of Armenia it is only one place left to work on a permanent basis (out of 16 seats). Although, if you count the number of deputies from the Communist Party and "Fair Russia, "they must be given four seats. It did not help them even a reminder of the letter of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, in which he posed the question that in the regional parliaments should be allowed to work on continuous basis in all the factions and deputy groups. Opposition to preserve dignity, could only leave the courtroom. Now think about how and whether to go back there.

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