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The technique of the 3D-Druckes and enjoy the benefits and what is a 3D printer? A three-dimensional printer manufactures as the name already States it three-dimensional objects to certain, often computer-controlled targets. In the manufacture of these products curing and but melting processes take place, which expire on chemical or physical level. Often, these metals, plastics, resins, or ceramics can be used. The digital Fabrikatoren 3D printers among with the key manufacturing equipment. What makes a 3D printer? First 3D printers for the production of models and later for the production of work pieces, which were required only in a small number of or should get a personal value were as well as prototypes. Due to the benefits that brings this kind of production, steadily spread the use of this printer and is used nowadays partly for the mass production of smaller items. But what exactly are the benefits of 3D printers compared to other manufacturing processes? Advantages of a 3D printer B egg production using a 3D printer you need does not elaborately produced forms and also an annoying loss of material.

Energy costs are also saved because the required part directly into the appropriate size and shape is produced and is ready to use in the connection. Lavish but unnecessary production processes avoids or so mostly when using this type of printers, which understandably also cost savings. Also to save time by being able to process materials of different hardness grades and colors, at the same time and the desired object can be in only one rather than manufactured in several production steps are. However, you should lose the cost factor not from the eye. The prices for such printer to go up from 300 euros; for professional 3D printers however expect a more than 10,000 euros. 3D printer in the application believe some statements, are the applications of this Printer is constantly spreading almost indefinitely. Most workpieces of smaller sizes by using a 3D printer are manufactured as man in the FOC challenge (freedom of creation; literally: freedom of creation) could see where among other pieces of jewellery with unique shapes, produced by a 3D printer, were presented. Private user of this printer use it mostly for personal and unique everyday or leisure items.

The technique of the 3D-Druckes evolved so successfully, soon personal and inpiduelle wishes could be realized virtually at your fingertips and even small production series could be made cheap. It is necessary, until the printer find their place in mass production but still a relatively long way. But despite the many advances and advantages, but also the dangers and risks of this kind of manufacture not neglect should be allowed. Finally could the necessary technical development steps in future also to the Example weapons faster, produced what could become a great danger especially in crisis regions. As so with any change in the society, one should keep the disadvantages and risks in mind in addition to the numerous advantages to preserve a possible realistic look at things.

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