But also not to privilege the new realities, not to confer to them, in turn, an exclusive paper of the engine of histria.’ ‘ (P. 12) ‘ ‘ Basic substance of history is the time; therefore, it is not of today that the chronology plays an essential role as conducting wire and science auxiliary of histria’ ‘. (P. 12) ‘ ‘ History has all interest in inserting in its problematic a idea of gnese in the place of that one, passive, of the origins. History would be made as different rhythms and the task of the historian would be, primordially, to recognize such ritmos’ ‘ (P.

15) ‘ ‘ When making history of its cities, peoples, empires, the historians of the antiquity thought to make the history of the humanity. The Christian historians, the historians of the Renaissance and the Iluminismo thought, to be making the history of the man. The modern historians observed that history is the science of the evolution of the societies humanas’ ‘. (P. 15) ‘ ‘ The memory, as property to conserve certain information, sends in first place to a set of psychic functions, thanks to which the man can bring up to date passed impressions or information, or that it represents as passadas’ ‘. (P. 423) ‘ ‘ Leroi-Gourhan considers the memory in liberal interpretation and distinguishes three types of memory: memory specifies ethnic, artificial.

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