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What Are Access Controls

Access controls are those security systems whose function is to determine who can use what, managing resources, users and permissions according to a series of criteria laid down previously by the system administrator. Access controls are applied in many types of situations, such as physical persons access to facilities, vehicle access to restricted areas, users access to computer systems, control of presence or schedule. Operation of access controls access controls are basically mechanisms which, in function of the identification and authentication of the user, or not authorized access to campuses, data or resources. Access controls play their task in several steps: identification: the user requesting access to the system, which requires some sort of credential that identify you, such as a password, user name, card or fingerprint, that will be subsequently validated the individual or not in the authentication process. Authentication: the system verifies the identity of the user, i.e., checks if the user is who he claims to be, checking the credentials provided by the user in the identification. Authorization: the system checks the permissions of the user and verifies whether it is authorized to access resources requested or to perform functions that aims to. Registration: access controls allow you to know who, what and when accessed, as well as who tries it, so you must save a complete record of all incidents in order to control its activity at all times. Methods of identification and authentication in access controls are used various methods of identification and authentication: systems based on something the user knows: as a password, username or PIN (Personal Identification Number, personal identification number).

Systems based on something the user has: as a card of identification, smart card (smartcard), barcode or USB device. Systems based on a physical characteristic user: this type of access controls are based on verified biometric patterns such as fingerprints, iris, retinal pattern, facial recognition or DNA recognition. Systems based on something the user does: as voice pattern, writing or signature. Systems based on location and schedule: access controls based on the time, logical or physical location of the person. These systems are not mutually exclusive and usually access controls combine several, for example, a card ID and a PIN. Methods of authorization at the stage of authorization of access controls, the system examines applications for users, and by applying a predefined rules, accept them or reject. To define these rules the system administrator assigns permissions in application of some type of security policies. There are many possible approaches in the security policies, such as MAC, DAC, RBAC, ACL, MLS, all denied, all authorized or least privilege.

Humidity Sensors from Honeywell

Honeywell is cemented traditionally strong position of the humidity sensor, expanded its series of hih. Now, developers are available humidity sensors in versions and with additional hydrophobic filter, as well as sensors for SMT-mounting. Used for measuring humidity sensors based on different physical principles and implementation of various technologies. We can distinguish four basic types of sensors: capacitive, resistive, based on tin oxide and aluminum oxide. Let us consider briefly the characteristics of each type. Of those presented four main types of measuring humidity in the best possible combination of parameter is the capacitance. It provides a wide measurement range, high reliability and low cost by using microelectronic technology. The latter allows the capacitance of a planar type thin-film method.

Due to this we have the miniature size of the sensitive element, the possibility of implementing on-chip application-specific integrated circuits for signal processing. Processability and high yield crystals provide a low cost of production of this type. Thus, for capacitive humidity measurement method is the best. We now consider the distinctive features of capacitive humidity sensors, offered to our attention a company Honeywell. The sensing element is a multilayer structure. On a silicon wafer deposited platinum film, which forms the first electrode of the capacitor. Insulator between the plates is a thermoset polymer, on top of which is made the second plate of the capacitor – the platinum film with perforations, allowing moisture to penetrate to the absorbent layer and change its relative dielectric constant of , and accordingly – and the capacity C of the capacitor.

Classification Criteria For ACS

ams classification strongly depends on the classification criteria. By the form used by the control device information distinguish open and closed ACS: in open systems there is no feedback between the output of control object and the input control device. In such systems, value-driven not controlled. If there is a feedback facility management and control unit form a closed loop provides automatic monitoring of control object. By the nature of changes in the driving influence of acs can be attributed to the following types: automatic stabilization, giving the effect that constantly, and these systems are designed to maintain consistency of some physical parameter (temperature, pressure, speed, etc.), program control, giving the effect that changes in any previously known to the law (for example, a given program can be modified speed motor drives, change the product temperature during heat treatment, etc.) tracking, giving the effect which varies according to the arbitrary, a priori unknown to the law (used to control the parameters of the control objects in the external conditions). In recent years, are becoming increasingly important adaptive control systems, characterized by action on the object of management of any completely unknown factors. As a result, the need to solve the control problem under uncertainty of input data for decision on control actions. These systems can adapt to environmental changes and the object management, and improve its performance as experience is gained, ie information on results management.

In turn, adaptive process control are divided into: the optimal, which provide automatic maintenance of the facility management of most advantageous mode, self-tuning, the parameters of the control object which is not remain unchanged, and converted to a change in external conditions, self-organizing, algorithm which does not remain unchanged, but improved when the parameters of the object management and external conditions, self-learning, which analyze the experience gained object management and on this basis will automatically improve its structure and method .Po nature of the acs is divided into continuous and discrete actions. In the continuous process control for continuous variation of the input signal also varies smoothly and the output signal. In the discrete process control for continuous variation of the input signal output signal changes abruptly. Management methods based on the use of digital technology, always lead to discrete control systems. By the nature of change the tone settings of acs can be divided into linear and nonlinear, steady and unsteady. By number of parameters themselves ams are one-dimensional or multidimensional (multiparameter). It should be noted that the classification of the acs can also be constructed on the basis of other criteria, for example, can be classified by acs the physical nature of the system or its major parts, the power actuator, etc. Each of these methods of classification of acs is often independent of the others. This means that each of them can be represented as a scale in a multidimensional phase space, while the specific process control in this space will correspond to points or certain areas.

Global Carbon Project

According to the testimony of experts, the pact, developed over 10 years provides for the introduction of new environmental standards and prohibit almost any water drain outside the protected basin. Commenting on the ratification of the pact, the National Federation of the protection of wildlife in the United States stated that to share the Great Lakes for more than 90 percent of all freshwater in the country and is updated annually, less than 1 percent of these reserves, which puts them at risk of malnutrition. Growth in emissions of greenhouse gases in the world is at a record pace Scientists sound the alarm – the growth of greenhouse gases every year increases. The volume of global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) from 2000 to 2007 grew four times faster than during the previous decade. Even on the most worst-case scenario of climate change, scientists could not assume that the concentration of greenhouse gases will be so big. This unprecedented and astonishing acceleration in CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, despite the made within ten years of international efforts to combat global warming. A report published by a group of international experts, Global Carbon Project (GCP) states that the greatest contribution to greenhouse gas emissions contribute Asia: China overtook the United States and became the first country in the world by CO2 emissions in 2007, while India is about to take away from Russia to its third place. The greatest increase in emissions observed in developing countries, mainly in China and India, whereas in developed countries experienced slower growth.


Accounting of the assets Agrees that all the main sejaminventariados assets of information and has a responsible proprietor. The inventory of the ativosajuda to assure that the protection is being kept of adequate form. Convmque the proprietors of the main assets are identified and sejaatribuda the responsibility to they for the appropriate maintenance of the controls. Aresponsabilidade for the implementation of the controls can be delegated. It agrees quea responsibility for the rendering of accounts is with the doativo nominated proprietor. Classification of the Objective information: To assure that the information assets receive adequate umnvel of protection. It agrees that the information is classified to indicate aimportncia, the priority and the level of protection. The information possesss some levels of sensitivity ecriticidade.

Some item can need an additional level protection special outratamento. It agrees that a system of classification of the sejausado information to define a set appropriate of protection levels and to determine anecessidade of special measures of treatment. Security in people Security in the definition and recursosde work Has for objective To reduce the risks of human error, robbery, fraud or improper use of the installations. Including security in the responsibilities dotrabalho Convm that rules and sejamdocumentadas responsibilities of security where he will be appropriate, in accordance with the politics of security of informaoda organization. It agrees that they include any responsibilities general pelaimplementao or maintenance of the politics of security, as well as specific quaisquerresponsabilidades for the protection of determined active or pelaexecuo of determined processes or activities of security. Election and politics of staff Agree that verifications of control on equipepermanente are lead at the moment of the election of candidates. One sends regards that this includes the following one: ) the availability of references of satisfactory character, for example a professional and personal one; b) verification of the exactness and inteireza of the information of curriculumvitae of the candidate; c) confirmation of the eprofissionais academic qualifications; d) verification of the identity (passport or similar document).

Buy Electronics In New York

With the euro currency – dollar favorable, many are Spaniards who dare to visit Manhattan and, incidentally, make some purchases at more than tempting prices. Electronics is one of the main attractions, because already in itself is cheaper in New York and, in addition, with the change in our favour resulting price could be a bargain. But we have to be careful, because many European consumers associations have denounced that some Manhattan shops have no qualms in selling imitations of low quality of electronic products of prestige, so we will have to avoid shops that give us few guarantees. To buy electronics in Manhattan, the most prestigious shops are J & R Music and Computer World, in front of the Ayuntamiento (City Hall) and B & H Photo Video New York Store (at ninth Avenue between calles 33 and 34). J & R are specialized in electronics in general, cameras, mp3 players, portable computers (Laptops) while B & H specializes in photography and video.

Also purchased DVDs in us only work in devices of United States and Canada. If our goal is to buy a laptop, as well as J & R also you can visit Compusa who has a shop near the Empire State building and the other on 57th Street with 8 Avenue.Other interest stores are Best Buy on 23rd Street and 6 Avenue and also competes with Circuit City in Union Square. When you buy any electronic product in New York we have to take into account that this does not have to be equal to the ones we have in Spain. In United States the devices work with 110 volt power, while in Spain we have 220, and plugs are flat plug, while in Spain it is round. These problems can be solved with an adapter which transforms the current 220 volts and have round pins. But there is compatibility that are insurmountable, as the sign of the VCRs, that in United States is NTSC, while in Spain it is PAL, which means that camcorders, game consoles, and any device that uses video, not shall be compatible with appliances bought in Spain. Read our guide to travel to New York and discover more useful data for visiting New York.

Et3 A Transportation Clean And Fast

The future of transport which, literally, represents the space travel on Earth will be transformed by ET3 (Evacuated Tube Transport Technology). This is definitely a new mode of clean, green transportation, fast, comfortable, safe, fast, and affordable. It is believed that these tubes of capsules will allow carrying out a transport either passengers or cargo from New York to Beijing in just 2 hours, which will be clearly a benefit to entrepreneurs, traders, exchange of product and for the planet since this technology has the advantage of not emit high levels of greenhouse gases. The system operates on capsules, each one of them is made of a lightweight material, which makes that only despite 180 kgs, which translates into Rails very cheap since they need to withstand less weight. In each capsule can travel up to 6 people, with a combined maximum weight of 367 kg. In total, implementing this system is 90% cheaper to make a track for high-speed trains and 75% cheaper to build a Highway.

The capsules are the size of 1.5 m (5) passenger cars in diameter and are located in magnetic levitation without friction tubes. The air is permanently extracted from tubes on two tracks that are built along a travel route. The air pockets in the stations allow transfer of capsules without admitting air. Linear electric motors accelerate capsules, which then carry them through the void for a trip without using additional energy. Most of the energy is regenerated so capsules can reduce the speed. The ET3 can offer 50 times more transport per kWh against electric cars or trains of these same characteristics.

They will initially build lines for interstate trips within the United States, and movements will have 600 km/h speed seek maximum, in a second stage to evolve the system up to international travel with a maximum speed of 6500 km/h, which would allow New York reaching Beijing in just two hours. This is one of the ideas that are intended to implement in terms of transportation to solve the problems caused by climate change, they also include the Eco-dirigibles and Superyate Exuma, which are innovative projects that protect the environment since its fuel consumption is minimal or use alternative energies. Main benefits of the ET3: quick * may go from NY to the in only 45 minutes. ** Estimated that a trip between Washington and Beijing can be made in approximately 2 hours. ** The capsules will travel at a speed of 350 mph at the local level and at 400 mph at the international level. CONVENIENT * trips are continuously, nonstop, without ratrasos. EFFICIENCY * low use of energy which are available. * Low consumption of resources and materials for Assembly and maintenance. ** The speed of 300 mph in addition to be possible for human beings is ideal for saving energy. CLEANING * is an ultra quiet transport mechanism. ** It is beneficial for the care and protection of the environment. * Works with some completely and alternative sustainable energy sources. SECURITY * in its design and conception there is no risk of collision between the capsules of passengers or cargo. * Protects from the weather and the climate changes. It is a possible IDEA * all the necessary equipment to build ET3 exists at the moment, especially the parts of the platform * the technologies involved are all individual and commercial use.


Plan of Recovery of Disasters Biecio de Brito, Elison Frasson Introduction Let us imagine a situation where definitive organization suffers some type of disaster that can be characterized as natural, accidental or intentional, something that really makes with that the main service of this organization stops to work. For example, a technology company that possesss some servers, each one destined to a different task, but that she is vital for the profitability of the same one. In determined moment she finishes the energy, or consequentemente she consequentemente happens some incident that comes to completely stop the services of each one of the servers, thus making with that the company loses the course of its services and profitability, affecting its image in the market. She is at this moment that the Plan of Recovery of Disasters enters in action and shows its importance, therefore has exactly for purpose, in cases of this platform, to assist in the actions for the normatizao of the services of an organization with the minimum time and possible impact. Reasons of if having a Plan of Recovery of Disasters Some companies subestimam the risks of occurrence of disasters and they do not invest in a PRD (Plan of Recovery of Disasters), therefore many times imagine that for having something that guarantees that the data most important if do not lose, as for example, a room of Backup, nobreaks, amongst others, never will go to occur something so catastrophic that it comes to interrupt its functionality. Although in some cases the organizations to have standby equipment, rooms of backup, what it makes look like to assure that the data are not lost, have a problem, they are in one exactly surrounding physicist. In such a way if it cannot guarantee the total security of the continuity of the service, therefore thinking about a flood, earthquake, sabotage, that is, something that if defines as a disaster, all the information will be lost.

Tarciso Landmarks

Its ability must dislocate itself in the direction to stimulate the learning and pensamento.’ ‘. Then that Lvy says the professor would according to not be substituted by the NTIC? s, would only have that to adapt itself to the news to form to exert its profession. Another frustration would be the fact of the child to enter in contact in the school only with machines that the lesser possibility does not have to demonstrate to emotions human beings, what it could cause the formation of a generation of individuals with psychological problems or difficulties of relationship what comes of meeting what says Lvy (1999, pg.162): ‘ ‘ But, we hear some times to say, some people remain hours ‘ ‘ ahead of its telas’ ‘ , isolating itself thus of the others. excesses certainly do not have to be encorajados’ ‘. Therefore one forms to diminish the frustrations with the educative use of the NTIC? s would be in not giving credibility to the mythical vision of that the computer would be gradual substituting the professors. The NTIC? s appears to take care of what Lvy says (1999, pg.169): ‘ ‘ It will not be possible proportionally to increase the number of professors to the demand of formation that is, in all the countries of the world, each bigger and more diverse time. The question of the cost of education if places, over all, in the poor countries. It will be necessary, therefore, to search to find solutions that use techniques capable to extend the pedagogical effort of the professors and them formadores.’ ‘ In such a way it is essential that the teaching community understands that the important one is the continuous recycling of its pedagogical formation and the adaptation to the new forms to teach.

Another way would be in the public politics that, exactly unsatisfactoryly, they are investing in reduction of the digital exclusion, in the access the NTIC? s, in the reduction in price of computers, softwares and digital services, in the incentive to free software and in the formation and update of professors. Bibliographical references: MORAN, Jose Manuel; MASETO, Tarciso Landmarks; BEHRENS, Appeared Marilda. New technologies and pedagogical mediation. 10 ed. Campinas, SP: Papirus, 2006.

LVY, Pierre. Cibercultura. Translation: Carlos Irineu of the Coast. So Paulo: Publishing company 34, 1999. Original heading: Cyberculture. MORAN, Jose Manuel.

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