Combating Mold

13. It is desirable to be able to seek advice from Manufacturer representatives chosen funds in the event of you have any questions. Read the information about the manufacturer and its representatives in the cities. 14. Do not use anti-microbial Pollution compounds that you have to prepare by mixing different reagents. Production of such compounds – industrial business, including sophisticated waste process, qualitative equipment and skilled workers. 15.

Do not use bleach to combat mold. To do this, they are insufficient because of their short-term action. Combating Mold and protect against the appearance of protection Mold can be a relatively simple matter only if it is missing before, no design flaws and room selection of quality tools to protect. All activities are kept to a preventive surface treatment – cheap and cheerful. When it comes to destroying mold, even in local areas, there is need for a complex of measures such as: – identifying the causes of mold and its source appearance – the elimination of the causes of mold – the radical elimination of mold – mold protection. In this case it is best to contact the experts (in the USA does not recommend itself to solve the problem of microbiological pollution, if the area of surface area of more than 90 cm2). Identifying the causes of mold growth due to the detection of design flaws premises, identifying sources of microbial pollution, the definition of the scale of destruction and the elaboration of strategy for future phases. As already mentioned, the mold is associated with high humidity (condensation of moisture on the surface of materials, leaks, accumulation of moisture due to poor ventilation, absorption of ground water, etc.), breach of hygiene standards. Eliminating the causes of mold growth depends on their characteristics and associated usually with completion (Restructuring) design space, tighter enforcement of sanitary rules, modifications of domestic nature.

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